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AAPA extends their congratulations to the following teams who have been awarded the top prizes from JAAPA and the Association of Postgraduate PA Programs (APPAP).

The JAAPA Student Poster Award, provided by Wolters Kluwer, is awarded to the top three student posters at AAPA 2023. Each set of authors earns $500. Congratulations to the following teams!

The Effect of Time Between Undergraduate Degree Completion and Enrollment into a Physician Assistant Graduate School on Didactic Success

By Kristina Monaco, BS, PA-S; Viktoria Olowski, BS, PA-S; Amanda Livsey, BS, MSA, ATC, PA-S; Rachel Hartwick, BS, MSA, ATC, PA-S; Diana Shemtov, PA-S3; Alessandra Baggitt, BS, PA-S; Amelia Wootton, BS, PA-S; Mirela Bruza-Augatis, MS, PA-C; Vanessa Rodriguez, EdD, PA-C

Advanced Practice Clinician Antibiotic Prescribing Practices for the treatment of Uncomplicated UTIs at University of Utah Emergency Department Urgent Care

By Karina Fasig, PA-S; Kevin Tyan, PA-S; Whitney Mason, PA-S; Laura Zdziarski-Horodyski, PhD, PA-S; Alden Baker, MPAS, PA-C; Jennifer Coombs, PhD, PA-C

Career flexibility for PAs: What makes switching specialties possible?

By Eliana Ward-Lev, PA-S; Clair Kuriakose, MBA, PA-C; Jesus Navoa; PA-C; Meghan Halley, PhD, MPH

The Development of a Preceptor Academy and Leadership Program: Results from a needs assessment study

By Roisin Donegan, MS; Shani Fleming, MSHS, MPH, PA-C; Gerald Kayingo, PhD, PA-C

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