Senior Staff

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 Lisa Gables Interim Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Gables | Biography (PDF)
 Patricia Beeson Vice President, Human Resources
Patricia Beeson | Biography (PDF)
 Tillie Fowler Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Government Relations
Tillie Fowler | Biography (PDF)
 Tate Heuer Vice President, Federal Advocacy
W. Tate Heuer | Biography (PDF)
Karen Morgan Senior Vice President, Governance & Leadership Development
Karen Morgan | Biography (PDF)
Carrie Munk Vice President, Communications
Carrie Munk | Biography (PDF)
Donna Nogay Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services & Digital Operations
Interim Vice President, Membership Development and Services
Donna Nogay | Biography (PDF)
Daniel Pace Vice President, Education and Research & Chief Strategy Officer
Daniel Pace | Biography (PDF)
 Michael Powe Vice President of Reimbursement & Professional Advocacy
Michael Powe | Biography (PDF)
 Stephanie Radix Acting Vice President, State Advocacy and Outreach
Stephanie Radix | Biography (PDF)
Anil Ravandur VP, Technology
Anil Ravandur | Biography (PDF)
 image Lynette Sappe-Watkins Executive Director, PA Foundation
Lynette Sappe-Watkins | Biography (PDF)