Senior Staff

Listening is the foundation that drives all leadership decisions at AAPA. What are our members telling us? What is the latest research? What is happening on the Hill? AAPA is fortunate to have a senior management team, with skills and experience from a variety of industries, that knows how to listen.


  Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer L. Dorn | Biography (PDF)
  Vice President, Human Resources
Patricia Beeson
 Ann Davis Vice President, Constituent Organization Outreach and Advocacy
Ann Davis | Biography (PDF)
  Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Government Relations
Tillie Fowler | Biography (PDF)
 Lisa Gables Chief Financial Officer & Chief Development Officer
Lisa Gables | Biography (PDF)
Vice President, Membership Development and Services
Catherine Gahres
  Vice President, Federal Advocacy
W. Tate Heuer | Biography (PDF)
Chief Information Officer
James Marquis | Biography (PDF)
Senior Vice President, Governance & Leadership Development
Karen Morgan | Biography (PDF)
Vice President, Communications
Carrie Munk
Donna Nogay Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services & Digital Operations
Donna Nogay
Daniel Pace Vice President, Education and Research & Chief Strategy Officer
Daniel Pace | Biography (PDF)
  Vice President of Reimbursement & Professional Advocacy
Michael Powe | Biography (PDF)
 image Lynette Sappe-Watkins Executive Director, PA Foundation
Lynette Sappe-Watkins
Jen Broderick Managing Director, CHLM
Jennifer Broderick