Board Roster and Bios

AAPA’s Board of Directors (BOD) is responsible for setting the strategic course for the organization in alignment with AAPA’s mission, vision and values. This work is manifested in the Academy’s strategic plan and operational goals. As fiduciaries, the BOD is also responsible for the Academy’s corporate actions directing the management of the organization and its financial health.

In practice, this results in a variety of actions – from the adoption and oversight of the Academy’s annual budget, to the recognition of constituency groups, to external and public outreach. The BOD’s work is supported by a number of BOD committees and volunteer Commissions and Work Groups that provide additional council and expertise.

Detailed information on the BOD’s duties can be found in the AAPA Bylaws. The BOD’s operations are governed by the BOD Policy Manual. Board members are also guided by standard governance practices and adopted shared values that are reviewed at each meeting.

Board Meetings

The AAPA Board of Directors holds meetings at least quarterly and virtual meetings as needed. View the meeting schedule, agendas, and records.

Speaking Requests

Submit the AAPA Speaker Request Form to invite a representative from AAPA to speak at your event!

Governance Documents and Polices

These documents shape AAPA’s governance, explain how our mission is achieved, and ensure transparency to our members.


Each year AAPA members elect leaders who advance AAPA and the PA profession into the future. Explore leadership opportunities and learn about the different elections.

To contact the AAPA governance department, please email [email protected].