AAPA supports research on the PA profession by conducting original research, monitoring PA compensation and benefits, and writing about the profession, as well as providing support to PAs interested in research.

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Salary Report and Other Research Publications

Thanks to PA responses to our surveys, we can give you the latest data and info in our research reports and publications, News Central articles, and extended data briefs.

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Research Events at AAPA Conferences

Learn more about ePosters and Research in Action at AAPA 2023, browse ePosters from 2020 to 2022, and find select ePoster abstract from 2015 to 2022 published in JAAPA.

Fellowship and Grant Funding

Learn about the AAPA-PAEA Research Fellowship as well as the application cycle, find out about live events, and meet the Fellows.

Research Requests, Support, and Partnerships

Learn about how to get help if you need a specific statistic on the PA profession and how to access data, field surveys, and collaborate with the Research Team.

Research Resources

Find the resources you need for your research! Whether you are just starting out or an experienced scholar, AAPA has curated CME and resources to help.

Updated National PA Research Agenda

The National PA Research Agenda is a framework from which researchers can build their own research agendas. It is not comprehensive but rather it is meant to stimulate PAs as to what can be. It was first created in 2011 and updated in 2019.