AAPA Research

AAPA supports research on the PA profession by conducting original research, monitoring PA compensation and benefits, and writing about the profession, as well as providing support to PAs interested in research.


Data Requests & Research Support

Learn about how to get help if you need a specific statistic on the PA profession and how to access data, field surveys, and collaborate with the Research Team.

ePosters and Research in Action

Learn more about Research Activities at AAPA 2021. The submission cycle for AAPA 2022 begins November 2021 so begin thinking about your next project!

AAPA-PAEA Research Fellowship

Learn about the AAPA-PAEA Research Fellowship as well as the application cycle, find out about live events, and meet the Fellows.

All Of Us

AAPA and the PA Foundation are partnering with the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) All of Us Research Program to raise awareness about the importance of participation in research.

PA Observations

PA Observations is a new service that pairs students, researchers, and organizations with PAs who want to share their experiences.

Bibliography & Resources

AAPA has created a variety of bibliographies on the PA profession. Find these and other resources from the past six years here.