Research Requests, Support, and Partnerships

AAPA’s research department has a wealth of research leadership, analytical capacity, literature and data about PAs and PA students as well as pertinent health workforce issues. How can we best help you with your data request?



Learn about how to get help if you need a specific statistic on the PA profession and how to access data, field surveys, and collaborate with the Research Team. We have updated the policies for providing data and research support to PAs and PA Researchers. Please read through our Policy Guide on Data Collection, Access and Ownership to find out how we may best help you. Requests are evaluated based on several factors, including but not limited to how they fit with the AAPA Strategic Plan as well as the Research Agenda.

Available Help

Available Help

Information Request

If you need a specific statistic on the PA profession, have a question about research, or are looking for something other than survey support and case level data, please submit your request for information or data.

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Survey Support

Are you looking at getting a survey into the hands of PAs and/or PA students? Submit your request. We are currently scheduling surveys 9 to 12 months in advance. Alternatively, you may field the survey through PA Observations, a paid survey panel comprised of 2,000 PAs and 400 PA Students who have expressed interest in taking surveys.

Ask for Support


Access Case Level Data

Do you have a research question that case-level from AAPA data may answer? We have made our data available to qualified researchers. Other data, not included in the documentation, may be available on a case by case basis.

Apply for Data


Research Collaboration

Do you have an idea for a research project that you would like to partner with AAPA on? Submit your idea for the collaboration. Past collaborations include looking at why PAs quit their jobs, a look into PAs in urgent care, barriers students from diverse backgrounds experience both applying to and in PA school, and many more.

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Survey Panels and Focus Groups

Survey Panels and Focus Groups

Contact AAPA Research discuss your project needs. AAPA Research will review your project and determine if the research panel is right for you. If your project is accepted, AAPA Research staff will help develop your questions into a custom survey and handle survey logistics until the project’s end. We collect responses, conduct the data analysis, send thank you gifts to the participants, and send a final report in the format of your choice.


Types of Projects

Opportunities may include but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing informational materials and providing feedback to organizations
  • Answering questions about types of services rendered or use of certain classes of medications
  • Understanding the breadth of work PAs are engaging in within a specific clinical area
  • Providing insights for a dissertation


Type of Research Studies

We can support but are not limited to:

  • Standalone surveys
  • Questions embedded within an AAPA survey
  • Focus groups