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The new, interactive 2020 AAPA Salary Report includes the complete collection of PA salary data – and now it’s quicker and easier to find what you need. Free to AAPA fellow, student, and retired members!

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We’re Standing Up for PA Careers

Whether we’re speaking up to Congress on behalf of underemployed and unemployed PAs or developing brand-new career resources, AAPA puts your career front and center. Become a member today!

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Apply Now! PA Research Fellowship Award

The PA Foundation’s Breitman-Dorn Research Fellowship supports doctoral candidates from any discipline with a $4,000 cash award toward research on the role of PAs in healthcare. Check out the requirements and apply by August 14.

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PAs are medical professionals who diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans.
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PAs practice medicine on healthcare teams with physicians and other providers.
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Search thousands of PA jobs by location, practice setting, and specialty you’re looking for.

Suspended or Waived Practice Requirements for PAs

Use this interactive map to see which states have taken action to suspend or waive certain practice requirements for PAs in response to COVID-19.

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Our deepest gratitude to all PAs fighting the pandemic

“PAs keep going, and we keep cheering each other and our other professional colleagues on. It’s who we are.”

– David E. Mittman, PA, DFAAPA, President and Chair of the Board


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PAs in the News

Read news coverage of how PAs are stepping up to contribute to the COVID-19 response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how AAPA is responding to COVID-19.

We Want to Hear from You

Share your story with AAPA about your work on the front lines of the COVID-19 response.

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After a tough day at work, sometimes the only person who can understand is another PA who’s been there. AAPA connects PAs from across the country into a nationwide network of support.

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PA burnout resources. Free or discounted clinical tools. PA job search tips. And much more.

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Discover hundreds of hours of online learning to keep you up to date.

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Prepare like a Champion. Give like a Champion
  • Special National Medical Challenge Bowl 2020 Qbank
  • All profits fund student scholarships