Get the Latest on Optimal Team Practice

Learn more about AAPA’s new policy intended to enhance the ability of PAs to meet the needs of patients and better align the profession to a changing healthcare marketplace.

Making EHR Systems Work for PAs

AAPA’s new EHR Toolkit can help PAs advocate for EHR systems that are designed, selected, and implemented with functionality considerations for PAs, ultimately resulting in more efficient and high-quality patient care.

Kansas Enacts PA-Positive Telemedicine Law

Kansas patients who receive healthcare services from PAs via telemedicine will now be assured that these services will be covered by insurers due to the recent enactment of H.B. 2028.

State Chapters Celebrate Banner 2017 for Statutory and Regulatory Improvements

PA state chapters enjoyed a successful 2017, full of positive PA improvements to state laws and regulations. All 50 states and the District of Columbia made more than 100 statutory and nearly 50 regulatory improvements to state laws and rules that govern PA practice.

AAPA-PAEA Research Fellow Studies PA Scope of Practice

Virginia Valentin, DrPH, PA-C, is using her AAPA-PAEA Research Fellowship to understand the relationship between state scope of practice laws and their impact on where PAs practice, and the composition of the PA workforce in each state.

Top 10 PA Leadership Insights from 2017 Salary Survey

Key takeaways from PAs in leadership.

Protective Medicine at the White House

LTC James Jones, PA-C, works in the White House Medical Unit and cares for the president, vice president, Cabinet secretaries, key White House personnel, some of their families and tourists visiting the building. His near-decade at the White House has resulted in a few dramatic medical moments.

CHLM Keeps You On The Forefront of Healthcare

As a healthcare organization, your most valuable tool is your provider team. Having the right provider in the right place at the right time changes the way healthcare is delivered.

CHLM – Improving healthcare, fostering productive teams, and developing leaders.

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