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AAPA works to advance the profession and promote quality, accessibility and cost-effectiveness in patient-centered healthcare. Our advocacy engagement includes initiatives related to the federal, state and grassroots levels.

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A compact will streamline the process for obtaining authorization to practice in more than one state.
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Provide quality care without burdensome administrative constraints.
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PA PAC provides a means for PAs to participate in the political process on a national level.


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Advocacy Action Center

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Advocacy News

PA Licensure Compact Update: Colorado Becomes Tenth State to Enter PA Compact, Tennessee and Minnesota Aren’t Far Behind

Colorado has officially adopted the PA Licensure Compact model legislation, S.B. 24-018, bringing the total of states in the PA Licensure Compact to 10. 

Maryland Governor Signs PA Practice Modernization Bill Into Law 

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore signed the PA Modernization Act (HB0806/SB0167) into law, marking the first major change to physician assistant (PA) practice law in Maryland in 25 years.

PA Licensure Compact Update: Maine Becomes Ninth State to Enter PA Compact

Maine has officially adopted the PA Licensure Compact model legislation, L.D. 2043, bringing the total of states in the PA Licensure Compact to nine.

PA Licensure Compact Update: Oklahoma Becomes First State to Enact Compact Following Activation

With the recent signing of H.B. 3781/S.B. 1654, Oklahoma is officially the eighth state to enact the PA Licensure Compact model legislation and the first since the compact was activated following the seventh state’s passage.

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