House of Delegates

The House of Delegates (HOD) articulates the shared values, beliefs, and professional wisdom of PAs from all corners of the greater AAPA community. Made up of representatives from AAPA’s constituent organizations and Student Academy, the HOD enacts policies and position statements on behalf of the profession.

AAPA HOD Meeting

2024 House of Delegates Meeting

Access all the information and resources you need to participate in the May 2024 House of Delegates.

Reference Committee Reports and Summary of Actions

Access current and past reference committee reports and summaries of action. AAPA member login credentials are required to view.

Speaker’s Update

Updates from the Speaker of the House.

Policy Manual, Papers and Forms

Access AAPA’s policy manual, delegate notification and change forms, and five-year policy review chart.

House Outstanding Service Award Winners

View the delegates and volunteer leaders who were honored with the HOSA.

HOD Appointments

View a list of those volunteers appointed to serve on standing HOD committees and positions.

HOD Task Forces

View the composition of HOD task forces and their charges/reports.

HOD Volunteer Opportunities

View current opportunities and complete the volunteer form.

House CME Certificates

View Category II CME certificates for past attendance/participation in the HOD.

Upcoming HOD Meeting Dates

View the upcoming HOD meeting dates by clicking the link below.

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