Our volunteer engagement structure allows for a wide variety of task-oriented, high-speed, outcome-focused opportunities. AAPA members play an integral role in addressing the ever-widening range of issues affecting healthcare and other topics relevant to our Strategic Plan. These opportunities may include task forces, focus groups, or expert panels; others may involve individual consultations with PAs and other experts with experience in a particular healthcare environment or specialty area.

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Commissions, Work Groups, Committees, and Task Forces

Commission on the Health of the Public

The commission was created to assist AAPA in matters related to areas of health policy, clinical guidelines, health initiatives and health disparities.

Judicial Affairs Commission

The Judicial Affairs Commission reviews AAPA bylaws and policy annually among other duties.

Commission on Continuing Professional Development and Education

The commission was created to assist AAPA on educational content planning, health systems leadership development, conflict of interest policies related to CME, certification changes and member engagement.

Commission on Government Relations and Practice Advancement

The Commission on Government Relations and Practice Advancement was created to assist AAPA on state and federal advocacy, external relations, constituent relations, payment policy and elevating the PA voice.

Commission on Research and Strategic Initiatives

AAPA’s Commission on Research and Strategic Initiatives was created to assist AAPA with trend-spotting, research and strategic initiatives related to changes in healthcare that impact PA value and the daily work of AAPA members.

Governance Commission

The Governance Commission works with all volunteer leadership groups to ensure charges and competencies are met for each group.

Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Commission on Diversity Equity and Inclusion was established to support AAPA’s pledge to promote equity, diversity and justice in healthcare. The Commission works with volunteer leadership groups’ and the sister organizations’ efforts to enhance diversity in the profession while mobilizing and solidifying the PA profession’s role in closing health equity gaps in the healthcare landscape.

Constituent Relations Work Group (of the Governance Commission)

Constituent Relations Work Group of the Governance Commission charters new constituent organizations and approves recognition of specialty organizations and caucuses among other duties.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Work Group endorses candidates for the Board of Directors educates AAPA membership on the endorsement process.

HOD Task Forces

View the composition of the HOD task forces and their charges.

HOD Appointments

View the composition of the HOD Appointed Committees and their charges.

Ad Hoc Committees

View the composition of the Ad Hoc Committees and their charges.

AAPA Awards Committee

View the composition of the AAPA Awards Committee.

AAPA Healthcare Liaisons

View the list of the current healthcare liaisons.

JAC Ethical Conduct Task Force

This Task Force is charged with the work of reviewing and recommending revisions to the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for the PA Profession.