HOD 101

What is the House of Delegates?

The House of Delegates (HOD) has sole authority on behalf of AAPA to enact policies establishing the collective values, philosophies, and principles of the PA profession. The HOD consists of voting delegates from:

  • Fifty-eight chapters representing 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and five federal services
  • Twenty-seven officially recognized specialty organizations
  • Thirteen caucuses comprised of individuals sharing a common goal or interest related to health care access or delivery
  • The Student Academy
  • In addition, the current and immediate past House Officers are delegates-at-large and vote

Elected delegates have an effective voice in Academy activities by:

  • Making recommendations to the AAPA Board of Directors
  • Submitting formal resolutions through the procedures outlined by the House officers
  • Participating in open reference committee hearings conducted at the HOD meeting, held during AAPA’s Annual Conference
  • Volunteering as a member of a reference committee, researching and reporting on the resolutions and testimony received

Delegate Apportionment

  • View the apportionment (PDF) of delegate seats/votes among chapters of AAPA and the Student Academy for the 2023-24 leadership year and 2024 HOD Meeting. The data used to determine the number of delegate seats/votes a chapter has is determined based on the number of AAPA Fellows who select a chapter for HOD purposes within their member profile. Student Academy delegate seats/votes are determined based on the number of AAPA student members. View the apportionment for the 2024-25 leadership year including the 2025 HOD meeting.

As an AAPA member, you may provide testimony on issues of importance at the HOD reference committee hearings without being a delegate.

Issues and policies addressed by the HOD have included the following:

  • Innovative health care delivery models
  • Medicare coverage
  • PA privileges
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Medical liability reform