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AAPA and PA Foundation Partnering with All of Us Research Program to Engage PAs and Patients

AAPA and the PA Foundation are partnering with NIH’s All of Us Research Program to raise awareness about the importance of participation in research. All of Us aims to collect data from one million or more people that reflect the diversity of the U.S.

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CMS Authorizes PAs to Deliver Limited Care to Patients in Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently finalized a policy change authorizing PAs to deliver limited care to patients in inpatient rehabilitation facilities. In June, AAPA asked CMS for a rule change authorizing PAs to perform all required physician visits.

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COVID-19 Reinforces Urgent Need for the PA Direct Payment Act

AAPA staff and dedicated PA advocates have been working with determination to advance the PA Direct Payment Act (S.596/H.R. 1052) during this Congress. Here is an update on legislation to help ensure PAs can permanently receive direct payment for their services.

How One Health System Trained APPs for COVID-19 in Just 14 Days

As COVID-19 hit the Northeast, Intermountain Health provided Just-in-Time training to 54 primary care PAs and NPs to be redeployed to hospitalist teams. The collaboration and training resulted in many APPs feeling energized, valued, and needed in a short amount of time.

A Note from the President’s Desk

AAPA President Beth R. Smolko, DMSc, MMS, PA-C, shares some of the important work going on at AAPA on behalf of members. She talks about transparency, accountability, and working to support the more than 140,000 PAs practicing medicine every day.

Georgia Legislature Improves PA Practice—Provides PA and APRN Parity

Recently, Georgia Gov. Brian P. Kemp signed SB 321 into law. Effective Jan. 1 2021, the new law increases the PA to physician ratio to 4:1, and allows chart review to be determined at the practice level, among other changes.

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AAPA Response to EM Physician Groups’ “Joint Statement Regarding Post-Graduate Training for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants”

On behalf of the 140,000 PAs (physician assistants), we are deeply concerned with the pattern of physician organizations’ efforts to create even more barriers for PAs to fully contribute to the healthcare team.

Top 5 Most Popular CME from AAPA 2020

While the global pandemic prevented us from gathering in-person this year for AAPA 2020, we’ve still got you covered for your CME needs! Check out the Top 5 most popular CME sessions from AAPA 2020.

Q&A with Beth Smolko, President and Chair of the AAPA Board of Directors

AAPA’s new President and Chair of the Board, Beth Smolko, DMSc, MMS, PA-C, discusses the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the PA profession and for AAPA, including the legislative agenda, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and the Title Change Investigation.