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American Academy of PAs Announces 2022-23 Board of Directors

The American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA) Board of Directors began its 2022-2023 leadership year on July 1.

Top 10 Things PAs Should Know About Genetics

PAs in genetics Laura Buch, MSPAS, PA-C, and Wesley Patterson, PhD, MSPA, PA-C, want all PAs to know about these key aspects of genetics – for themselves and their patients.

AAPA Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

We believe strongly in the importance of the patient-provider relationship, and that this relationship functions most effectively when patients are presented with all the relevant and necessary information to make shared decisions in their care.

PA Students Learn to Care for LGBTQ Patients

PA students Joshua Penninger and Jessica Yue share how their universities’ coursework and hands-on clinical experiences prepare them to address the specific needs of LGBTQ patient populations.

Iowa, Minnesota Legislation Strengthening PA Practice Signed into Law

PAs in Iowa and Minnesota celebrated the signing of two bills in May that make numerous changes to their states’ PA laws that will strengthen PA practice and enhance patient care.

Prepare for the Ins and Outs of Practicing in Orthopaedic Surgery

AAPA’s latest Huddle “Ask Me” session called on four experts to answer questions about starting a career in orthopaedic surgery, practicing in various subspecialties, and which resources will best prepare PAs for success in this popular surgical specialty.

NHSPA Celebrates New Law Allowing PAs to Receive Direct Payment

On June 7, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed Senate Bill 228, the top legislative priority for the New Hampshire Society of PAs (NHSPA). The bill allows PAs to bill and receive direct payment from insurers, one of the pillars of OTP.

Army PAs Reunite and Confront the Stigma of Mental Health at the Crossroads of America

Three Army PAs who attended this year’s conference highlight the panels, events, and presentations where Army PAs found opportunities to learn and reconnect at AAPA 2022.

The Top 10 Highest Paying Specialties in the PA Profession in 2021

The PA profession includes clinicians who work in more than 60 specialties, ranging from family medicine and urgent care to transplant surgery and dermatology. In 2021, cardiovascular/Cardiothoracic surgery was the highest-paying PA specialty.