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Distinguished Fellow Reception 2017

AAPA’s Distinguished Fellows: Meet the Elite PAs

AAPA’s Distinguished Fellows program recognizes PAs who go above and beyond. These elite PAs are passionate about their work, dedicated to their patients and future PAs, and are working every day to advance both healthcare and the PA profession.

A Career in Orthopaedics: Why I Love the Specialty

Almas Abbas, PA-C, grew up playing sports – and getting injured. Her on-field experiences inspired an early interest in how the body works and how best to treat herself, and eventually led to a career as a PA in orthopaedics.

Country Living: Working as a PA in Rural Healthcare

Things are different in the country, and healthcare is no exception. PAs who leave the big city to work in the country are in for a unique and rewarding experience. Here’s what a few PAs had to say about working in a rural setting.

2019-2020 Student Academy Board of Directors

How to Study During PA School

Feeling overwhelmed by classes and exams? You aren’t alone. PA school is intense and stressful, and it takes some time to acclimate to the fast pace. AAPA’s Student Academy members offers their most helpful study tips so you can tackle your exams successfully.

Getting at the Root of Cardiac Threats, and Addressing Them Healthily

At least two PAs have opened consultancies to work with patients on improving their cardiac health and reducing risk factors through healthy eating and regular exercise. February’s American Heart Month is a good time to bring these initiatives to light.

Sixtus Atabong, PA-C, Leads Others to Help Underserved Communities Around the World

Growing up in Cameroon, West Africa, Sixtus Atabong, PA-C, knew achieving his goals of practicing medicine would be extremely difficult. Now a PA in neurosurgery, Atabong established a healthcare facility in his village and other communities.

CDC’s Update and Interim Guidance on Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus

As it continues to closely monitor an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus, CDC has provided a situational update and interim guidance to state and local health departments.

It’s Not Just You: The Pressures of PA School

Anisa Laska, a PA student at the University of Florida, shares how daunting PA school was for her at the beginning, and how she dealt with the stress. Her solutions include discipline, planning ahead, and prioritizing herself.

How Receiving a PA Foundation Scholarship Helped Me

The PA Foundation has awarded over $2.3 million in scholarship funding to PA students, benefitting more than 1,400 future PAs. We asked several 2019 scholarship recipients to share what receiving a scholarship from the Foundation meant to them.