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PAs Say Genetics and Genomics Key to Patient Diagnosis and Treatment

DeShana Collett, PhD, PA-C, and Debra Ryan, MS, PA-C, have studied the integration of genetics and genomics in delivery of care to individuals. Their involvement in precision medicine and the All of Us Research Program helps them diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

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Virtual Challenge Bowl: Not to be Missed in 2021!

We can’t wait for this year’s Challenge Bowl, the must-attend PA student event of AAPA 2021! Get details on how you can register your team, participate in the regional qualifying events, and make it to the virtual stage on May 24.

Nutrition Resources Help Serve Diverse Communities

Select PAs participating in the PA Foundation’s Nutrition Outreach Fellowship have benefited from the program’s training and materials to educate patients with limited knowledge of nutrition and its impact on chronic disease. Five of the Fellows shared lessons learned with AAPA.

Scholarship Recipient Jasmine Turner Encourages Fellow Students to Apply

Jasmine Turner, PA-C, was 18 months into her PA program when COVID-19 surged. She returned to shortened rotations and a delayed graduation. In the midst of uncertainty, Turner was awarded a Joyce Nichols Memorial Scholarship from the PA Foundation.

Utah PA Shares Experience Facing Outdated Laws and Red Tape

After Utah PA Wade Anderson’s supervising physician died from COVID-19, outdated state laws left him unable to care for his patients, as the Utah Academy of PAs works to advance PA modernization legislation.

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Career Coach Advises on the PA Employment Landscape in 2021

It goes without saying that the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on frontline healthcare providers has been profound. But there has also been a serious impact on PA career development. Jennifer Hohman, the PA Career Coach, advises on the PA employment landscape in 2021.

PA Students Run Free Clinics in Florida

The University of Florida’s PA program offers students the opportunity to volunteer at the Equal Access Clinic Network, the largest student-run free clinic network in the state. Jasity Rush, PA-S, discusses collaboration, interprofessional exposure, and lasting impacts the clinics have on volunteers and patients alike.

PA Students Administer 425 COVID-19 Vaccines

Touro University Nevada PA students helped administer more than 400 COVID-19 vaccines during a January event. From the onset of the pandemic, students have been eager to help and community vaccination events give them the opportunity to do so.

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Are You Missing Out on These Money-Saving Benefits from AAPA?

You’ve probably used AAPA’s large catalogue of free and discounted CME, or you’ve attended Conference at the member rate. But have you taken advantage of all the member benefits that can help save you money?