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Human Trafficking: Become Informed and Be Attentive

As healthcare providers, PAs may be the only touchpoint for a human trafficking victim. This gives us an opportunity to recognize their situation and a chance to change their lives, not just treat the physical manifestation of their nightmare.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Not Just a Childhood Issue

Is Autism Spectrum Disorder a childhood issue? Think again! Prevalence rates have been increasing over the past 20 years and may be impacted by improved provider education and earlier diagnosis. Communication is critical to ensuring patient compliance.

FDA-Required Opioid Analgesic REMS for Serious Drug Risks

The FDA has released Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy (REMS) information for opioid analgesic drug products used in the outpatient setting. They are also providing two helpful resources as part of the Opioid Analgesic REMS.
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A Week in the Life of a PA in Orthopaedics

Daniel Acevedo, a PA in orthopaedics at OrthoVirginia in Lynchburg, Virginia, sees a lot in a typical week: five to seven surgeries, hospital consultations, hip fracture clinics, post-op patients, outpatient procedures at an ambulatory surgery center, and more.
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PAs: It’s Time to Talk About Suicide

An AAPA HOD resolution recommended greater PA communication and CME about suicide prevention. By being alert, taking the initiative to ask patients about mental health, and educating themselves, PAs have a unique opportunity to help prevent suicide.

Improve the Management of CVD in Patients with Diabetes

Data emerging from CVOTs of glucose lowering drugs are highlighting differences among drugs on cardiovascular disease beyond the effects of glucose lowering. Clinicians will need to change their approach to the management of patients with T2D.

Value-Based Healthcare: What it Means for You

PAs should be champions for value-based healthcare, say Richard Bottner, PA-C, and Christopher Moriates, MD, of Dell Medical School at UT Austin, and ever-conscious about opportunities to decrease cost and improve quality.