Innovating Healthcare: Embracing the Quintuple Aim with AAPA Leadership

AAPA is thrilled to announce a recent partnership with Kevin Riddleberger, PA and co-founder of DispatchHealth, to bring you an exciting series of articles on innovation in healthcare. Riddleberger's unique background and perspectives will challenge us to think differently, inspire us about what's possible, and showcase innovative models that are shaping the future of healthcare.

5 PAs Who Helped Shape AAPA’s Minority Affairs Committee

Prentiss Lee Harrison, John Davis, Joyce Nichols, Earl Echard, and Steve Turnipseed are names that every PA should be familiar with. Together, they worked closely to establish and support AAPA’s Minority Affairs Committee, and helped shape the PA profession we know today.

Introducing the Nominating Work Group’s 2023 Endorsements

The Nominating Work Group is charged with recruiting, evaluating, and endorsing candidates to run for positions on the AAPA Board of Directors. We are pleased to announce the slate of candidates the NWG has endorsed to run in the 2023 AAPA Board of Directors and House of Delegates Elections.