AAPA HOD Meeting

Behind the Scenes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Though the HOD meeting takes place just once each year, the HOD’s work does not stop there. Learn more about the HOD policymaking and policy review process, and the important work that goes on behind the scenes on behalf of the profession.
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Get to Know the Nominating Work Group

With the 2022 AAPA Elections now underway, prospective voters will notice that some candidates are “endorsed by the Nominating Work Group” while others are “self-declared” candidates. 2021-2022 NWG Chair Rachel Weinzimmer explains what this means and how it reflects the charges and work of the NWG.
AAPA HOD Meeting

Welcome to the AAPA House of Delegates

At one point or another, as an AAPA member, you may have had some questions about the AAPA House of Delegates (HOD). In this HOD 101, learn about the HOD’s purpose, delegates, and policy – as well as why it all matters to you.
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When it Comes to Leadership, Gerald Kayingo Has Done it All

From researcher to faculty member to director, Gerald Kayingo, PhD, MBA, PA-C, DFAAPA, has done it all when it comes to PA leadership. Kayingo talks about his PhD work in Africa and becoming a PA in the United States, his role as executive director at The Physician Assistant Leadership and Learning Academy, and the untapped areas within leadership that he thinks are wide open for PAs.

PA Foundation Recipients Give Back with Time and Expertise

During this season of giving, PA Foundation (PAF) program recipients are now giving back and paying it forward. Melodie Kolmetz, PA-C, and Karey Davis, PA-C, have each benefited from PAF programs and have chosen diverse ways to give back to the profession and their communities.

DEI Commission Chair Active at Every Level of PA Leadership

After serving in many PA leadership positions, Robert Wooten MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, was recently elected chair of AAPA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission. Here he talks about his career, what’s changed, and how he views the Commission’s work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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How One Health System Trained APPs for COVID-19 in Just 14 Days

As COVID-19 hit the Northeast, Intermountain Health provided Just-in-Time training to 54 primary care PAs and NPs to be redeployed to hospitalist teams. The collaboration and training resulted in many APPs feeling energized, valued, and needed in a short amount of time.
RHH’s APP leadership team socially distancing

How an Upstate New York Hospital System Responded to COVID-19

As COVID-19 surged in New York City, APP leaders at a five-hospital system in Rochester, New York, faced the enormous task of effectively coordinating a system-wide provider redeployment. Engaged at the onset of the pandemic, the leadership team prepared, mobilized, and adapted.