How COVID-19 Changed My PA School

When PA student Sunayana Pydah left Virginia for California on the way to her ninth rotation, she expected to come back. But her trip coincided with the first spikes of COVID-19 throughout the country. She shares what she experienced during the past few months.
Menerva Yole-Lobe

The Case for Inclusion and Diversity in PA Cohorts

The University of Utah PA Program is committed to inclusivity. It has enriched its curriculum and provided quality education to hundreds of PAs, including those from under-represented minority (URM) communities.
Diana Anderson

The Ups and Downs of My First Year as a PA

When Diana Anderson, PA-C, graduated from her PA program, she landed an exciting job in urgent care. But her first months of practice were filled with unexpected events. She candidly shares the ups and downs of her first year as a PA.
Dustin Norman

On the Front Lines: PA Student Dustin Norman

A registered respiratory therapist, PA student Dustin Norman felt compelled to help the Pacific Northwest’s COVID-19 response. For the past eight weeks, he has been studying full time and working 12-hour weekend shifts at the hospital.
Peggy Walsh, Jonathan Baker, Jamie Sabo, Gregory Burns, Cooper Couch

Put Yourself Out There! Become a PA Student Leader

A PA and student panel at LAS in March shared opportunities for student leadership, including getting involved at a state chapter, applying to the AAPA Student Academy or a commission, or advocating for leadership roles at work. Their message: just put yourself out there!
Savannah Potter

PA Student Finds Opportunity to Help Respiratory Therapists

Savannah Potter, PA-S, was finishing up an internal medicine rotation at Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson, New York, when the COVID-19 surge began. She wanted to help in any way she could and has been able to assist respiratory therapists during the pandemic.
Barbara Quillin

How COVID-19 is Affecting Hardin-Simmons University’s PA Program

COVID-19 has affected not only how we live, but how we learn. Barbara Quillin, MPAS, PA-C, the director of clinical education and an assistant professor at Hardin-Simmons University PA program in Abilene, Texas, talked to AAPA about the quickly shifting academic landscape.