PA Students Learn to Care for LGBTQ Patients

PA students Joshua Penninger and Jessica Yue share how their universities’ coursework and hands-on clinical experiences prepare them to address the specific needs of LGBTQ patient populations.

AAPA 2022: Project Access Reignite

Project Access is an initiative to inspire underrepresented minority students to pursue a career as a PA. Here’s how you can get involved – both during and after AAPA’s annual conference this month.
Cassidy McCandless, MS, RD

2022 PA Student of the Year Drawn to Profession by a Love of Science

Cassidy McCandless, MS, RD, is the 2022 recipient of the PA Student of the Year Award. A PA student at Missouri State University, McCandless leads nutrition education outreach projects and advocates for improving the PA student experience as the student member at large on the PAEA Board of Directors.
Campbell University Wallace Student Society

2022 Outstanding Student Society is Equipped to Serve

This year’s Outstanding Student Society is the Campbell University Wallace Student Society, whose members demonstrated their commitment to community service through volunteering at vaccine clinics, high school health fairs, and a local medical center.

Pennsylvania PA has a Passion for Correctional Medicine

LCDR Stephanie Hoover, PA-C, MPAS, has made her career in her hometown of Loretto, Pennsylvania, where she attended a PA program, landed her first Federal Bureau of Prisons job, and currently serves as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service at a Federal Correctional Institution.

International Women Share Perspectives on Representation in the PA Field

Azsaunna Bryant, a first-year PA student, asked four international women—all classmates in her PA program—to reflect on the importance of representation in the healthcare field. Respondents spoke to the value of their cultural backgrounds in connecting with patient communities and ensuring equitable health outcomes.
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New Data: PA Students Have Diverse Backgrounds, Life Experiences

In 2021, AAPA moved beyond asking students just about their gender, race, and ethnicity. The AAPA Student Survey included questions about PA students’ backgrounds to gain insights into the diversity of life experiences among new PAs joining the workforce.

PA Student Proves Tenacity, Mental Balance Lead to Paralympic Gold

Raymond Martin, PA-S1, reflects on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, juggling an intense training schedule and PA school coursework. He shares challenges he faces as a PA student with a disability, and recommendations for keeping extracurricular activities to maintain mental balance.