Rachael Jarman Shares 5 Tips for Unemployed PAs

PA Rachael Jarman acknowledges she is not the first PA to go through unemployment and offers a few tips that help her keep a stable mental state. If we take steps towards staying healthy, she says, circumstances feel less dire.

Improve Negotiations with New Digital 2020 AAPA Salary Report

The tried-and-true AAPA Salary Report, used by thousands of PAs to negotiate their compensation for more than a decade, got a major upgrade this year. It’s one that should help improve PAs’ storytelling and negotiation, not to mention being a great timesaver.

Q&A with PA Leader Clair Kuriakose

Clair Kuriakose, MBA, PA-C, is a high achiever. She sets goals for herself, achieves them, and then strategically lays out her next steps. She finished PA school, got her MBA and Lean Six Sigma certification, and now leads advanced practice providers at Stanford Health Care.
Kayla Bakane, PA-C, MPAS; Kristen Rheinlander, MMs, PA-C; Lacee Keller, PA-C; Kristin Kamprath, MPAS, PA-C; Alana Young, PA-C

Obesity Management Certificate Program a Win for PAs and Patients

Want to better understand obesity and the barriers to patients seeking care, and improve your approach to patients? The 14-month Obesity Management in Primary Care Certificate Program is for you. This program is currently looking for its second cohort.
Headshots of the new Distinguished Fellows

AAPA Announces This Year’s New Distinguished Fellows

In the PA profession, the letters that come after your name mean a lot, and this year AAPA is proud to add “DFAAPA” to the titles of 38 of our association’s most dedicated members, who have made their mark in the communities they serve.
Diana Anderson

The Ups and Downs of My First Year as a PA

When Diana Anderson, PA-C, graduated from her PA program, she landed an exciting job in urgent care. But her first months of practice were filled with unexpected events. She candidly shares the ups and downs of her first year as a PA.
Dustin Norman

On the Front Lines: PA Student Dustin Norman

A registered respiratory therapist, PA student Dustin Norman felt compelled to help the Pacific Northwest’s COVID-19 response. For the past eight weeks, he has been studying full time and working 12-hour weekend shifts at the hospital.