PAs Aim to Close the Care Gap in Rural Areas of Tennessee

After 20 years of practicing as a PA in rural medicine, Marie Patterson is focused on filling the gap in access to care while educating and inspiring the next generation of PAs. Speaking from first-hand experience, Patterson and PA student Molly Valentine discuss what fueled their decision to practice rural medicine and the benefits it offers PAs and the patients they serve.

PA Martine Altieri Brings an Obesity Medicine Clinic to Her Cardiology Patients

When applying for a position in cardiology, PA Martine Altieri expressed interest in starting an obesity medicine clinic for cardiology patients. Now Altieri, who is also a co-host of the JAAPA podcast, is focused on building up this clinic, as well educating as many PAs as possible about obesity medicine and more.

A Day in the Life of a PA in Orthopaedic Express Care

PA Chuck Dowell talks about a typical day as lead PA for an orthopaedic, urgent care-type clinic. He also recommends attending the AAPA/AAOS Musculoskeletal Galaxy Conference—a good fit for PAs in any specialty who are treating orthopaedic injuries.

During Her First Marathon, PA Melissa Volpe Stopped to Save the Life of a Fellow Runner

PA Melissa Volpe was approaching mile 13 of the Richmond Marathon in Virginia when she saw another runner on the ground. She sprinted to the scene and led a group in giving CPR. From this experience, Volpe found a new goal: advocating for widespread CPR training and the use of automated external defibrillators to improve outcomes for people who experience cardiac arrest.

Carl Frizell Advocates for Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

As an educator and mentor, PA Carl Frizell focuses on creating equitable educational environments so students, faculty, and staff feel safe and have the resources they need to meet their goals. It’s a framework that Frizell also encourages his PA students to consider using in their future clinical environments.

PA and Medical Students Serve the Unsheltered Population through the HOME Street Medicine Program

PA and medical students at Florida State University are providing care to unsheltered individuals through the Homeless Outreach Medicine & Education (HOME) Street Medicine Program. Assistant Professor and PA Allison Justice and PA student and HOME president, Samantha Mankus, talk about how they connect with patients who have made their homes in the deep woods, and how this program benefits everyone involved.