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Working with Survivors of Sexual Violence Presents Unique Challenges

Sexual violence affects every demographic and every community, making it a serious public health concern. Proper identification of sexual violence and treatment is the first line in positive patient outcomes. Healthcare providers need to be aware of sexual violence as a factor for overall wellness.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Clinical Setting

Medical providers such as PAs are often the first point of contact for caretakers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and as such, need to be comfortable speaking about how to identify red flags of ASD, and where to refer caretakers if there is any concern.
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Not on the Front Lines? Ways You Can Help With COVID-19 Response

AAPA is hearing from many PAs who want to offer their skills and abilities during the COVID-19 crisis but aren’t sure exactly how to help. Here is information and several suggested resources, whether you are a currently practicing PA, retiree, or a student.

The Power of Empathy in Healthcare

Psychiatrist Helen Riess, MD, developed a series of empathy trainings for clinicians that have been shown to increase patient adherence to treatment recommendations and improve outcomes. AAPA has partnered with Riess’ company, Empathetics, to bring online courses to PAs.

PA Resources for COVID-19; Share Your Story with Us

PAs are a vital part of the healthcare provider response to COVID-19. To help you easily find resources for your practice, here are resources all on one page: COVID-19 Resource Center. In addition to offering resources, we also want to hear from you.

Rush University PAs Integral to Coronavirus Response

With new patients contracting coronavirus, COVID-19, daily in the U.S., PAs are on the front lines of the crisis response. Those at Rush University Medical Center are getting special training, setting up COVID-only emergency care, and using telemedicine to increase patient access to providers.

PA-Led IMPACT Grant Project Improves Outcomes for ICU Patients

The PA Foundation awards IMPACT Grants to support PA-led, community-based projects designed to improve health outcomes. Learn about Yale New Haven Hospital’s 2018 outreach project and consider applying today for your own IMPACT Grant.