Team Rubicon volunteers including PA Jeff Mott help after Hurricane Laura.

PA Preparedness: How You Can Help when Disaster Strikes

While serving in emergency response for Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Jeffrey Mott, DHSc, PA-C, experienced what it’s like to take part in emergency response when disasters collide. Pandemic, or no pandemic, hurricane season comes every year.
Kate Shand and colleagues wearing “Vaccines Cause Adults" shirts

PAs Tout Benefits of Vaccines Despite Persistent ‘Anti-Vaxxers’

Vaccines save millions of lives each year by helping control and prevent dozens of potentially deadly diseases. National Immunization Awareness Month gives providers reason to look for opportunities to clarify any misunderstandings and foster an open dialogue with patients about immunizations.
Jessica Flores, wearing graduation garb, smiling with her son

Once an Interpreter, PA Now Serves Spanish-Speaking Population

At age 13, Jessica Flores acted as an interpreter between her father and his physician. As a PA, she is passionate about breaking down language barriers for the primarily Hispanic patient population she serves. Flores attended PA school as a single mom.
A man with a bare back holding before pictures of tattoos

Tattoo Removal: A Different Kind of Medicine

PA Troy Clarke has removed tattoos from the necks, arms, and faces of former gang members, recently released prisoners, and those enlisting in the military. Clarke is employed by Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit in Los Angeles that provides the service to clients.
Lee in attendance of the three day MHFA instructor training

PA Student Juggles Academics and Mental Health Outreach

When the PA Foundation launched its Mental Health Outreach Fellowship in 2018, its inaugural cohort included only one PA student. Hwal Lee’s passion for mental health led him to coordinate outreach efforts while juggling his responsibilities as a student.
Susann Galloway headshot

PA Susann Galloway: Determined, Devoted, and Distinguished

Susann Galloway, PA-C, DFAAPA, has been advancing the PA profession since she graduated from PA school in 1994. A career educator, PA advocate, and healthcare professional, she recently became an AAPA Distinguished Fellow.
Dave Mackey running

Running Over Barriers: Ultrarunner PA Competes After Amputation

Three-time Ultrarunner of the Year, PA Dave Mackey, of Boulder, Colorado, chose to amputate his left leg after a running accident. Mackey says the experience increased his medical knowledge in orthopaedics, infectious diseases, and rehabilitation, and helps him relate to patients.

PAs Deliver Healthcare to U.S. Asylum-Seeking Immigrant Families

PAs and other medical providers are part of teams providing care to immigrants in Arizona seeking asylum, often purchasing medications with their own funds. Elizabeth Lopez-Murray, PA-C, shares her experiences volunteering during this humanitarian crisis.