Africa Calls PAs: Providing Medical Care on the Continent

According to the World Health Organization, Africa “confronts the world’s most dramatic public health crisis.” Six PAs who’ve practiced or volunteered in various African countries share their experiences and their motivations.

Skis, Not Scrubs: PAs Serve Patients on the Slopes

Several PAs are working or volunteering for Colorado resorts’ ski patrols, clinics, or both. On ski patrols, PAs’ medical skills must be supplemented with an ability to traverse even the most challenging trails to reach skiers requiring assistance.

PA Julie Mueller Thrives in Remote Antarctica

PA Julie Mueller has twice spent short periods in Antarctica to provide medical care and will return for six weeks this winter. A common thread ties Antarctica to the isolated clinics where she works in Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska.

Right Time, Right Place: PA Saves a Life

If not for a PA who was in the right place at the right time during a May 20 Olympic Triathlon in southeastern Pennsylvania, a 51-year-old airline pilot would not be alive today.

PA Devotes Career to Treating At-Risk Populations

Debbie Newman, PA-C, always wanted to be a healthcare provider. She found her calling as an addiction medicine PA and she advocates for all PAs to complete their buprenorphine waiver training.

Fit to Fly? PA Supports Hurricane Hunters

“I don’t know of anybody [else] who’s a PA who gets to fly into hurricanes, gain additional training as a dive medical officer and plan for natural disasters. Medicine doesn’t have to be a 9-to-5 position.”