Puerto Rico: The final frontier for PA licensure

Josue Droz, PA-C, always wanted to return home. Born in Puerto Rico, he was a child when his family moved to the continental United States. “It’s always been my heart’s desire to move back here,” he says. So after he became a PA, he joined the movement to bring PA legislation to the island.

Lessons From My First Surgical PA Practice

I started PA school believing I wanted to be a primary care provider. Growing up, our pediatrician’s value was worth gold in our family. He was there for every milestone for each sibling. My childhood experiences shaped my young mind into believing I wanted to play the same role in other families.More importantly, he was there for what I like to refer to as “family emergency” situations.

Why I Decided To Go With “PA”

I just saw an article that struck me as odd. Here is the first paragraph: “Did you know “Physician Assistant” (PA) was ranked the best job in America? Did you know their average base salary is higher than that of software engineers, business developers, and even your run-of-the-mill data scientist? Yet, most people still liken PAs to any ordinary assistant-level employee.”

Making PA History at the White House

Maj. Saibatu Mansaray-Knight, U.S. Army, SP, PA-C, recently became the first medical officer to be selected as the Army military aide to the vice president of the United States.

PAs in Administration: TV News Reporter Finds Her Calling in PA Leadership Role

For Sheri A. Shebairo, MBA, PA-C, getting to the bottom of an issue has been a driving force throughout her professional life. Her first career was as a television news reporter in New York, but she always knew she wanted to have a more personal impact on the lives of others. Shebairo’s curiosity and eagerness to learn led her to make the life changing decision to pursue a career in healthcare.

A Day in the Life of a PA in Primary Care

I’ve been working in family medicine for two years now. Some things we do every day may seem routine, but there is nothing ordinary about how we care for our patients. Here is a recent day at my practice.

A Day in the Life of a PA in Orthopaedic Surgery

I enjoy being a physician assistant because my work is challenging, yet very rewarding. I am able to practice medicine within a multidisciplinary team where I consult with my supervising physicians daily. Here’s what a recent day was like for me.