A Day in the Life of a Rheumatology PA

As a PA practicing in rheumatology, Lindsay Tom, PA-C, treats a wide variety of rheumatology conditions. In this specialty, she helps return quality of life for patients in pain – and her clinical work includes radiology, procedures, and assisting in the infusion suite.

Improving Access to Healthcare in Alaska’s Rural Villages

As a community health aide instructor in Alaska, PA Quana Ticket trains community health aides to perform thorough exams and provide care in remote villages across the state. Ticket speaks to how these healthcare professionals play a critical role in the Tribal Health system and how they are improving access to care in 170 rural Alaskan villages.

Final Push for Federal PA Priorities Underway as Clock Ticks on 117th Congress

Despite the ticking clock and the distractions of the impending midterms, AAPA’s Federal Advocacy team has remained diligently and strategically focused on PA-priority legislation that has the potential to directly impact PA practice: specifically, the Improving Access to Workers’ Compensation for Injured Federal Workers Act (H.R. 6087) and the Access to Quality Cardiac Rehabilitation Care Act (H.R. 1956/S.1986).

PA Robert Smith Has Dedicated His Career to Advancing Healthcare for Latino Populations

PA Robert Smith realized he could maximize his impact on the PA profession by leading organizations on the national level. He has since chaired AAPA’s Minority Affairs Committee, which existed for more than 25 years; co-founded PAs for Latino Health, an AAPA caucus; and championed initiatives that will improve healthcare for Latino communities.

Five Things You Might Not Know About PAs in Leadership

Almost 30% of PAs who responded to the 2022 AAPA Salary Survey served in an informal or formal leadership role within their workplace. To learn more about these PAs, we gathered information on key areas of difference.

AAPA Announces New Cohort of Distinguished Fellows

This year, AAPA is pleased to welcome 41 PAs to join the ranks of the Distinguished Fellow Program. As the association’s most dedicated members, Distinguished Fellows are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the profession and the communities they serve.