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A Day in the Life of a PA in Dermatology

Sara M. Wilchowski, MS, PA-C, never has a typical day practicing in dermatology. She enjoys the variety of her specialty, from conducting full-body cancer exams to navigating tough conversations with patients and their families in order to communicate treatment options.

International Women Share Perspectives on Representation in the PA Field

Azsaunna Bryant, a first-year PA student, asked four international women—all classmates in her PA program—to reflect on the importance of representation in the healthcare field. Respondents spoke to the value of their cultural backgrounds in connecting with patient communities and ensuring equitable health outcomes.
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When it Comes to Leadership, Gerald Kayingo Has Done it All

From researcher to faculty member to director, Gerald Kayingo, PhD, MBA, PA-C, DFAAPA, has done it all when it comes to PA leadership. Kayingo talks about his PhD work in Africa and becoming a PA in the United States, his role as executive director at The Physician Assistant Leadership and Learning Academy, and the untapped areas within leadership that he thinks are wide open for PAs.

Kathryn Reed Makes Her Mark on the PA Profession

Kathryn Reed has only been a practicing PA for a few years, but she’s already focusing her work on solving problems and finding solutions. From small inefficiencies to larger systemic issues, Reed has been working to address health inequities and diversify the PA student body.
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CMS Mandatory Reporting Program to Include Data on PAs

In 2022, PAs are required to be included in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Open Payments program. Open Payments is a national disclosure database aimed at improving transparency regarding healthcare financial relationships on a public website.

Act Now to Call on Congress to Prevent Overdose Deaths

In April of 2021, Congress introduced The Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment (MAT) Act. Congress needs to hear from you, as trusted health care providers, about the importance of this legislation and the lifesaving changes it would bring to patients, families and communities.
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New Data: PA Students Have Diverse Backgrounds, Life Experiences

In 2021, AAPA moved beyond asking students just about their gender, race, and ethnicity. The AAPA Student Survey included questions about PA students’ backgrounds to gain insights into the diversity of life experiences among new PAs joining the workforce.