Treating Patients with Long COVID: A New Frontier for Providers

PA Jaclyn Owens and NP Joanna Ellis are regularly caring for patients experiencing post-COVID symptoms. They talk about navigating treatment while still learning about these symptoms and why APPs are critical in providing much-needed care and support to these patients.

A Week in the Life of a PA in Radiation Oncology

What does a week look like for a PA in radiation oncology? Katey Wert, PA-C, has been practicing in the specialty for six years. While difficult at times, given the patient population, she finds the work rewarding and meaningful.

DEI Commission Chair Active at Every Level of PA Leadership

After serving in many PA leadership positions, Robert Wooten MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, was recently elected chair of AAPA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission. Here he talks about his career, what’s changed, and how he views the Commission’s work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.