Rush University Medical Center

Rush University PAs Integral to Coronavirus Response

With new patients contracting coronavirus, COVID-19, daily in the U.S., PAs are on the front lines of the crisis response. Those at Rush University Medical Center are getting special training, setting up COVID-only emergency care, and using telemedicine to increase patient access to providers.
Karen Marlett, PA-C, and Elaine Bonoan, PA-C

PA-Led IMPACT Grant Project Improves Outcomes for ICU Patients

The PA Foundation awards IMPACT Grants to support PA-led, community-based projects designed to improve health outcomes. Learn about Yale New Haven Hospital’s 2018 outreach project and consider applying today for your own IMPACT Grant.
Young-Bin Song looking at an x-ray

What PA Practice Looks Like in Neuro-Oncology

Young-Bin Song, MCHS, PA-C, describes his practice at a multi-disciplinary neuro-oncology/radiation oncology brain tumor clinic at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Communicating with the patient population, he relates, requires preparation, practice, and patience.

A Career in Orthopaedics: Why I Love the Specialty

Almas Abbas, PA-C, grew up playing sports – and getting injured. Her on-field experiences inspired an early interest in how the body works and how best to treat herself, and eventually led to a career as a PA in orthopaedics.
Three PAs talking

CDC Outlines Recommendations for Providing Quality STD Clinical Services

As STD rates climb to unprecedented highs, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report, Recommendations for Providing Quality Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinical Services, to highlight the services healthcare settings can offer to provide the highest-quality STD care.