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Learn How Implicit and Overt Bias Impact How You Practice

Health disparities around COVID-19 and greater focus on racial justice have highlighted the need for PAs to talk about how bias can impact healthcare. Deanna Bridge Najera, PA-C, discusses how biases may impact PA practice.
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Top 5 Most Popular CME from AAPA 2020

While the global pandemic prevented us from gathering in-person this year for AAPA 2020, we’ve still got you covered for your CME needs! Check out the Top 5 most popular CME sessions from AAPA 2020.
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Frontier Medicine: One County, One PA

Amanda Roy, PA-C, is the only healthcare provider for all of Wheeler County, Oregon. She discusses what she finds rewarding about frontier medicine, the significance of precepting in her career, and what it means to her that her patients trust her so much.
PA Educator Shares the Science Behind Memory

PA Educator Shares the Science Behind Memory

PA school is all about memory. So what is the science behind memory, and why do some memory strategies work better than others? Kristopher Maday, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, shares a three-tiered, information processing model to memory, and how PA students can use it to their benefit.
Huddle Where PAs Team Up "Ask Me: Navigating Your Career During a Pandemic"

Four Experts Offer Career Advice During Pandemic

In July, AAPA hosted a Huddle “Ask Me” session that featured four experts advising PAs on various career scenarios during COVID-19. Read their advice for PAs facing different challenges and opportunities in the midst of the pandemic.
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Rachael Jarman Shares 5 Tips for Unemployed PAs

PA Rachael Jarman acknowledges she is not the first PA to go through unemployment and offers a few tips that help her keep a stable mental state. If we take steps towards staying healthy, she says, circumstances feel less dire.
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Improve Negotiations with New Digital 2020 AAPA Salary Report

The tried-and-true AAPA Salary Report, used by thousands of PAs to negotiate their compensation for more than a decade, got a major upgrade this year. It’s one that should help improve PAs’ storytelling and negotiation, not to mention being a great timesaver.

Q&A with PA Leader Clair Kuriakose

Clair Kuriakose, MBA, PA-C, is a high achiever. She sets goals for herself, achieves them, and then strategically lays out her next steps. She finished PA school, got her MBA and Lean Six Sigma certification, and now leads advanced practice providers at Stanford Health Care.