Health Inequities: How PAs Can Help Bridge the Care Gap

The PA Foundation’s Vital Minds podcast featured a discussion on how health disparities have been exacerbated by COVID-19, the role socioeconomic factors and insurance may play in health disparities, and how PAs – and other allies – can help bridge the care gap.

Top 10 Paying Specialties in the PA Profession in 2020

The PA profession includes PAs who work in several dozen specialties, ranging from family or emergency medicine to pathology or hospital medicine. Compensation differs substantially between some specialties. Which individual specialties topped 2020 compensation for PAs? We have the data!

A Week in the Life of a PA in Radiation Oncology

What does a week look like for a PA in radiation oncology? Katey Wert, PA-C, has been practicing in the specialty for six years. While difficult at times, given the patient population, she finds the work rewarding and meaningful.

PA Educators Share Inspiration, Challenges, Rewards

What inspires a PA to get into education? We asked two PA educators, Nicole Burwell, MSHS, PhD, PA-C, DFAAPA, and Elias Villarreal, Jr., MPAS, DMSc, PA-C, DFAAPA, about their paths to the classroom and what they find most challenging and most rewarding.

Paving the Way: PA Patti Cuartas and Her Journey to the C-Suite

Patti Cuartas, PA-C, started in the ED and now works in the C-suite. In addition to her PA experience across many specialties, Cuartas attended business school and now serves as assistant chief medical information officer for an international health system.
Two PAs looking at a cellphone

PA Career Pivots: 6 Tips for Redirecting Your Future

COVID-19 upended PA career paths, from furloughs to redeployment. It also caused PAs to reflect upon their current roles and future goals. The PA Career Coach shares six tips for PAs who find themselves needing or wanting a career pivot.

5 Things PAs Need to Know about the New Areas of Practice Guide

AAPA’s Areas of Practice Guide is newly launched – and created just for you! It’s a one-stop shop for you to find all the information you’re looking for regarding PA practice. From salary information to first-hand perspectives, it’s covered in the Areas of Practice Guide.

Expert Advice on Providing Trans-Affirming Healthcare

AAPA invited PAs Lauren Eisenbeis and Jo Rolls to host Huddle’s latest Ask Me session on transgender healthcare. Eisenbeis and Rolls used their expertise from years of experience to provide advice and resources for PAs to provide trans-affirming healthcare to patients.