Challenge Bowl: Who Will Win in 2018?

Each year, more than 80 PA programs from across the country compete in the AAPA National Medical Challenge Bowl. Challenge Bowl, the hallmark student event at AAPA’s Conference, a high-energy game-show-format competition in which students answer questions on a variety of clinical topics.

Student Board Looks Ahead to 2018

Student Board Looks Ahead to 2018 By Alfred Trae Beasler, III, PA-C Happy New Year! My name is Trae Beasler, PA-C, and I am the President of the Student Academy Board of Directors and the Student Director on AAPA’s Board of Directors.  As we look forward to the new opportunities in 2018, I wanted to […]

PA Students Across the Country Participate in Service Week

In conjunction with the celebration of PA Week, PA students across the country participated in the first ever PA Student Service Week. PA programs gave back to their communities in huge ways through fundraisers, supply drives and free health services.

Five Things for New PA Students

Although his university’s PA program matriculates in January each year, Kristopher Roy Maday, MS, PA-C, Associate Professor and Program Director at University of Tennessee Health Science Center, thinks about things he wishes he would have said or done early on with his students that would have saved some difficult conversations later on.

The Art of Speaking at the HOD

During AAPA Conference 2017 in Las Vegas, Stephen Lewia, PA-S, was surprised to learn that not only were students’ voices welcome at the House of Delegates, but they were encouraged as providing a valuable perspective.