George Washington University PA students on a soccer field

Stay Up to Date on Student Academy Initiatives

PA student leaders across the nation are making an impact on the PA profession through their volunteer involvement in the Student Academy of AAPA. Cooper Couch, PA-S, president of AAPA’s Student Academy, shares highlights of the Student Academy’s ongoing work this year.
Student Board of Directors Oct 2019

What I Wish I’d Known Before Didactic Year

Knowing that the uncertainty of starting PA school can be overwhelming, we asked AAPA’s Student Academy Board of Directors to share their tips for surviving the didactic year of PA school. They made it through – so can you!
Kaci Hardsock headshot

22 PA Students Elected to AAPA’s House of Delegates

Last month, the Student Academy Board of Directors elected 22 student delegates to join Kaci Hardsock, the chief delegate, on the floor at the 2020 AAPA House of Delegates (HOD) meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.
Ongoing Yes, I Scan workshop

PA Students: Start Your Own Ultrasound Interest Section

The use of point-of-care ultrasound is on the rise, and PA students should develop technical skills during PA school. Sammy-Jo Wright, a PA student at Yale, shares five tips to help you set up a Student Ultrasound Interest Section (SUIS).
Student Board of Directors group photo

Student Academy President Appoints Student Board Committee Members

Student Academy President Cooper Couch appointed 37 PA student volunteers to the Student Board Committees, who will report on their accomplishments at AAPA 2020. These opportunities empower PA students to develop their leadership and volunteer skills while in PA school.
Cooper Couch 2019 headshot

PA Students: Engagement in AAPA is Vital

Cooper Couch, a third-year PA student and president of AAPA’s Student Academy Board of Directors, shares his personal story behind the decision to become a PA, and encourages his fellow students to get involved in advancing the PA profession.