PA Students Run Free Clinics in Florida

The University of Florida’s PA program offers students the opportunity to volunteer at the Equal Access Clinic Network, the largest student-run free clinic network in the state. Jasity Rush, PA-S, discusses collaboration, interprofessional exposure, and lasting impacts the clinics have on volunteers and patients alike.

COVID-19 Fatigue is Real for Student Academy President

Student Academy President Katie Ganser, a PA student at the University of Colorado, thought she’d be well-suited to a socially distanced, work-from-home life. COVID-19 proved her wrong. She’s found the pandemic exhausting, but looks hard for silver linings.

Problem-Solving Philosophies PA Students Should Know

PA educator Kristopher Maday explains three problem-solving philosophies, how they each have their place in helping make differential diagnoses, and why the phrase “think horses, not zebras” will be useful – yes, seriously – to all PA students.

PA Students Participate in Community Service During Pandemic

AAPA’s Student Academy Service Committee encourages PA students to plan community service projects or to volunteer in their community. With the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was already tricky for PA students, but PA students still found time to give back to the communities.
Lieutenant Junior Grade German S. Herrera

I’m a PA in the U.S. Public Health Service

Lieutenant Junior Grade German S. Herrera, MPAS, PA-C, USPHS, had a love of science and a desire to help people. The United States Public Health Service – with its scholarship opportunities, benefits, and guaranteed job placement – was a perfect fit for him.
Hwal Lee conducting an MHFA training at a community college

Mental Health First Aid Instructor Advocates for PA Students

How can PA students be better supported during the challenges of PA school? Mental Health First Aid instructor and PA student Hwal Lee conducted research to find out. His study concluded that PA students could benefit from earlier mental health training.
Kristopher R. Maday headshot

What Makes a Good PA Professor? These 7 Ps

Kristopher R. Maday, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, is a committed and passionate PA educator. He shares what his own favorite professors have in common, and how he strives to make PA school educational and fun for his own students.
William Eisenhart turns away from a cloud of dust during fast roping evolutions for a basic tactical training class

Servicemember Called to the PA Profession: William Eisenhart

William Eisenhart, PA-S, had his master’s degree and a comfortable job. But on Sept. 11, 2001, he felt compelled to enlist in the military. Now, inspired by the professional medics he served with, he is enrolled in PA school and juggling his many commitments.