Bruce Lee in 1973’s Enter the Dragon

What PA Students Can Learn From Bruce Lee – Seriously!

As a child of the ‘80s, Kristopher Maday, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, grew up loving martial arts movies. Now, as a PA program director, the words of one of martial arts’ best teachers, Bruce Lee, resonate differently. Maday shares his favorite Lee quotes, and how they impact his own teaching philosophy.
Mariah Leroux headshot

What Inspires Student Academy President-elect Mariah Leroux?

Student Academy President-elect Mariah Leroux, PA-S, finds inspiration in medicine, family, and serving her community. She shares her personal journey to the PA profession, her path to leadership, and her passion for diversity and representation.
Cognitive Load

Strategies to Manage Cognitive Load in PA School

In the second part of a series on memory and learning, PA educator Kristopher Maday, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, discusses cognition and cognitive load, and the important part they play in how you recall information from your long-term memory.
Katie Ganser smiling in her headshot

Meet New Student Academy President Katie Ganser

AAPA's new Student Academy President Katie Ganser is inspired by PA students’ emergence as leaders amid the COVID-19 crisis: volunteering, marching, advocating within individual PA programs, and using student passion for patient care to push the profession forward.
PA Educator Shares the Science Behind Memory

PA Educator Shares the Science Behind Memory

PA school is all about memory. So what is the science behind memory, and why do some memory strategies work better than others? Kristopher Maday, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, shares a three-tiered, information processing model to memory, and how PA students can use it to their benefit.
Cooper Couch

PA Students are Resilient: Student Academy Past President Cooper Couch

Cooper Couch ended his term as Student Academy president on June 30, amidst cancelled clinical rotations and virtual graduation ceremonies. In this high-stress environment, he reflects on the accomplishments of PA students around the country, and their resilience and adaptability.