Meet Jason Prevelige, 2024-2025 President and Chair of the AAPA Board of Directors

President Prevelige is a Clinician, Educator, Administrator, and More

July 1, 2024

By Jason Prevelige

Jason Prevelige, DMSc, MBA, PA-C, DFAAPA

As I step into the role of President of the American Academy of Physician Associates and Chair of the Board of Directors, I am profoundly grateful for the trust placed in me. This role is more than a title—it’s a commitment to our profession’s growth and the health of our communities. I am honored to serve and to continue the momentum we’ve built together.

From a young age, the drive to serve others has been my guiding force. Initially, I aspired to shape young minds as a kindergarten teacher, believing in the transformative power of education. This early passion for service evolved as I discovered a new calling in medicine, where I could impact lives in immediate and meaningful ways.

My career began in the field of substance abuse and counseling, an experience that deeply influenced my approach to patient care. Working closely with individuals battling substance use disorders, I learned the importance of empathy, patience, and the profound impact of compassionate support. It was during this time that I encountered an extraordinary emergency medicine PA whose dedication and skill inspired me to pursue this path. This pivotal moment reinforced the power of mentorship and the profound influence of role models in shaping our professional journeys.

I immersed myself in emergency medical training and volunteer firefighting to prepare for PA school. These roles honed my ability to stay calm under pressure, make quick, informed decisions, and lead with a clear mind and steady hand. The lessons learned as an EMT and volunteer firefighter have been invaluable, instilling a sense of resilience and adaptability that I carry into every aspect of my career.

Graduating from the Quinnipiac University PA Program in 2009 was a significant milestone, but it was just the beginning. Practicing emergency medicine at Trinity Health of New England’s Saint Mary’s Hospital and serving in various pediatric specialties at Connecticut Children’s has been a journey of continuous learning and growth. Working in underserved communities has taught me the importance of addressing not just medical needs but the holistic well-being of my patients. I have come to understand that true healing often involves helping patients navigate life’s broader challenges, whether it’s finding housing, providing a meal, or simply listening.

Alongside my clinical practice, I am a faculty member of the Sacred Heart University PA program and the Quinnipiac University PA program. Beyond that, I also serve as a preceptor for PA, advanced practice nursing, and medical students from multiple universities.

I consider it a privilege to help educate early-career and soon-to-be PAs, and I recognize how critical it is to develop the next generation of leaders. As an educator, I see our profession’s bright future in my students. So, I believe it’s critical to show PA students the importance of advocacy and engagement within the wider PA community.

Past-President Folusho E. Ogunfiditimi passing the gavel to new President Jason Prevelige at AAPA 2024

My foray into formal leadership began early in my career, thanks to the support of my PA mentors. I have held progressive leadership roles on the Board of Directors, in the House of Delegates, on various commissions, and within the Connecticut Academy of Physician Associates (ConnAPA). Most recently, before rejoining the Board of Directors, I completed two terms as chair of AAPA’s Judicial Affairs Commission. Within ConnAPA, I have served two terms as president, several terms as director-at-large, and have chaired the Legislative Committee since 2018.

In my daily work, whether as an administrator, educator, or clinician, my core focus remains the patient. I believe that by empowering PAs to practice to the fullest extent of our education and experience, patients will receive better care, and our healthcare system will benefit.

As PAs, we are all leaders. Whether you serve in a leadership role with a formal title or not, you lead—especially in clinical settings. You are leading staff around you and leading your patients’ care, and others will look to you for answers. Embrace it.

Each of us is also an advocate. The best way to advocate for this profession is to be the best PA you can be every day. Even if you can’t call your legislators or attend an advocacy day, just showing those around you the power of the PA profession is incredibly impactful.

I’ll be right there with you, leading and advocating for PAs and our patients. I want you to know that during my time as president, my door is open. At the end of the day, I’m your peer—and I know we can advance this profession together for the better.

Jason Prevelige, DMSc, MBA, PA-C, DFAAPA, is the president and chair of the American Academy of Physician Associates.

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