Communications Resources

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What is a PA?

Use these resources and information to build awareness about the PA profession.

Spread the Word

Share with your networks how PAs Go Beyond for patients. Use this toolkit of resources.

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Guide for Writing and Talking About PAs

Learn how to communicate about the PA profession and convey PA commitment to team-based care.

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Access resources to help constituent organizations advocate for legislation to modernize PA practice.

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Leveraging Media and Social Media to Achieve Your Organization’s Goals

Watch this webinar to learn about the power of media and social media and uncover strategies to elevate the profession.

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Considerations for PAs Before Posting on Social Media

Familiarize yourself with how to use social media on behalf of the profession, and the mistakes to avoid.

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Social Media Guidelines for PAs Sharing AAPA Content

Develop social media best practices including how to tag, use hashtags, and share content on your channels.

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Media Training

Sharpen your skills as a communicator and representative of the PA profession.