Top 10 Paying Specialties in the PA Profession in 2020

The PA profession includes PAs who work in several dozen specialties, ranging from family or emergency medicine to pathology or hospital medicine. Compensation differs substantially between some specialties. Which individual specialties topped 2020 compensation for PAs? We have the data!
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Buprenorphine Practice Guidelines: What You Need to Know

In April, HHS announced new buprenorphine practice guidelines that exempt PAs and other qualified prescribers from federal certification requirements related to training and counseling. Here’s what PAs and PA educators need to know about the new practice guidelines.

PAs Take Pride in Improving Access to Care for LGBTQ Patients

Three PAs who have focused their careers on caring for LGBTQ patients discuss the current state of healthcare for this patient population, the need for continuing education, the challenges some LGBTQ patients face, and the opportunities available for PAs to help.

The Challenges of PA School During COVID-19

Starting PA school is challenging enough, but what about starting it during a pandemic? PA student Amelia Maurer completed her first year at Quinnipiac’s PA program under COVID-19 restrictions and reflects upon both the challenges and the unexpected opportunities.
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AAPA Responds to National Medical Organizations

AAPA sent a letter to several national medical organizations this week underscoring how the PA title change to physician associate affirms our commitment to team-based care and our shared goal to serve the needs of patients.

Treating Patients with Long COVID: A New Frontier for Providers

PA Jaclyn Owens and NP Joanna Ellis are regularly caring for patients experiencing post-COVID symptoms. They talk about navigating treatment while still learning about these symptoms and why APPs are critical in providing much-needed care and support to these patients.