PAs Celebrate a Year of Unprecedented Wins at the State Level

State legislative wins in 2019 set in motion a positive shift for the PA profession, from eliminating the requirement for PAs to have an agreement with a physician to practice, to shifting from a supervisory model to a collaborative one.

PA Student Tips for Challenge Bowl and AAPA 2020

Are you ready for 2020’s AAPA National Medical Challenge Bowl? It’s a high-energy medical game show where your PA program can win ultimate bragging rights. We want all PA students to be prepared for the Challenge Bowl stage at AAPA 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee!
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Feeling Unfulfilled? You Might Need a New Job

Changing jobs is one of the most impactful ways of creating positive change in your PA career. Is it time for you to move on from a position that is no longer inspiring, sustainable, or financially rewarding?
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8 Networking Tips for PAs

No matter your career stage, networking plays a vital role in landing the position that’s right for you. Join AAPA to access a network that’s 60,000 PAs strong and use these eight tips to help you polish your networking skills.
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New York Legislative Victory a Win for PAs and Patients

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently signed S04841, permitting PAs to execute orders not to resuscitate and orders pertaining to life sustaining treatments. The legislation added PAs to various statutory provisions that previously only included physicians and nurse practitioners.

PA Practices Mountain Medicine in Nepal

Outdoor enthusiast Mike Gumpert, PA-C, jumped at the chance to take a high-altitude medicine course during PA school. He describes his experience in Nepal and how he will continue to pursue career opportunities related to wilderness medicine.