What Inspires Student Academy President-elect Mariah Leroux?

Student Academy President-elect Mariah Leroux, PA-S, finds inspiration in medicine, family, and serving her community. She shares her personal journey to the PA profession, her path to leadership, and her passion for diversity and representation.
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AAPA Reports on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts To Date

In June, AAPA pledged to do our part in the fight against racism and explicit and implicit bias while promoting equity and justice in healthcare. Thanks to many PAs who shared their stories and offered insights on how to move our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts forward.

Lisa M. Gables Named AAPA CEO

AAPA announced that Lisa M. Gables, CPA, was named chief executive officer (CEO). Gables has served more than eight years with AAPA, including the last year as interim CEO while also serving as chief financial officer and chief development officer.

Strategies to Manage Cognitive Load in PA School

In the second part of a series on memory and learning, PA educator Kristopher Maday, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, discusses cognition and cognitive load, and the important part they play in how you recall information from your long-term memory.
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COVID-19 Reinforces Urgent Need for the PA Direct Payment Act

AAPA staff and dedicated PA advocates have been working with determination to advance the PA Direct Payment Act (S.596/H.R. 1052) during this Congress. Here is an update on legislation to help ensure PAs can permanently receive direct payment for their services.