PA Students: Don’t Miss These Events at AAPA 2021

We’ve Got Your Schedule Mapped Out

May 20, 2021

Challenge Bowl 2019 participants
Challenge Bowl 2019

AAPA 2021 may look a little different this year, but that means it’s easier than ever for you to attend! No traveling, no time off from work or school, and all the same opportunities to make connections, expand your network, and learn more about the profession you’ve chosen. Join us May 23 – 26 from anywhere – the break room, your home office, even your very comfortable couch! – for all that you love about AAPA’s conferences: a chance to learn from expert faculty, opportunities to network and meet your fellow PAs and PA students, and, of course, student-specific events that will grow your future practice and give you a chance to celebrate with other PA students around the country.


  1. Two live sessions for PA students.

Two of AAPA 2021’s live sessions were made for you! Putting on Your Oxygen Mask: The Importance of Taking Care of Your Mental Health to Succeed in PA School will be a frank discussion on mental health, and what you can do now and as you prepare for your PA career. The Student Leadership Panel will feature expert panelists who will share their personal journeys and varied experiences. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration, or even a career idea you hadn’t considered.

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  1. The networking event just for you!

While we may not be able to shake hands in person quite yet, we can still get to know each other! Students Zoom In is designed just for students and will be a chance to socialize, share, and network with PA students around the country. You could even win a prize during Students Zoom In! (This won’t be your only chance to win prizes during AAPA 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for additional prize-winning opportunities throughout the conference!)

  1. Specially curated on-demand sessions.

PA students face their own unique challenges and these specially curated on-demand sessions will address some of the issues you may face. Worried about student debt? Attend PA Sami Ngo’s session on how she paid off $150,000 of student debt in five years. Want to know more about the job landscape or job search? There are sessions specifically on the current job market, how to job search as a new grad, and what recruiters are seeking. AAPA 2021 also offers additional student-focused sessions on non-clinical roles, the crucial role of empathy in healthcare, and how to get involved in PA advocacy. Which ones will you be viewing?

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  1. Cheer on your fellow PA students at Challenge Bowl Championship.

The can’t-miss PA student event is back this year and you can livestream the final! Regional qualifying events were conducted in the lead up to AAPA 2021 to determine the finalists. Now, mark your calendar for the live championship round on Monday, May 24! If you’re looking to practice for next year, the questions asked during the regional qualifying rounds will be released on the schedule at 6 p.m. ET each day. See how you’d stack up!

With all this and more, we can’t wait to see you at AAPA 2021!

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