Membership FAQs

Membership Status and Dues

Where do I send my dues payment?
You can join or renew online or send a payment by mail to 2318 Mill Rd., Ste. 1300, Alexandria, VA  22314.

How can I print an invoice or renewal notice for my employer?
You can email your invoice to yourself in My Invoice.

What if my employer needs a PDF copy of the membership application?
You or your employer can download a PDF of the membership application and fax it to 703-684-1924.

I submitted a duplicate payment. Who do I contact?
Email to request a refund.

Are membership dues refundable?
Membership is nonrefundable.

When will I receive a dues renewal reminder?
You’ll receive reminders by mail and email 90 days before your membership expires.

I need to switch my member type. How do I do that?
Email to change your member type.

After I pay my dues, when will I receive my membership materials?
Materials will be delivered within four to six weeks from when your payment was processed.

Why am I not receiving JAAPA?
Log in to see if your membership is current and if we have your current address.

If you joined recently or renewed your dues after your membership expired, it may take up to six weeks for your subscription to begin.

JAAPA is for members only.

What are my dues used for, and what percentage of my dues supports lobbying?
AAPA membership dues are used to support our members and the PA profession in a variety of ways. For example, $23 covers a one-year subscription to JAAPA. The nondeductible portion of your annual dues spent on lobbying activities is about 4.8 percent. Contributions to the AAPA Political Action Committee (PA PAC) are voluntary, separate from dues and not tax deductible.

Dues tax information
Membership dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, they may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense or an itemized miscellaneous deduction subject to the restrictions imposed due to AAPA’s lobbying activities.

The nondeductible portion of your annual dues spent on lobbying activities is about 4.8 percent. In addition, $23 of annual AAPA membership dues covers a one-year subscription (12 issues) to the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA).

Contributions to the AAPA Political Action Committee (PA PAC) are voluntary and NOT tax deductible. Federal law requires PACs to report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. Please contact your CPA or tax specialist with questions.

Please notify us of any changes to your business or home address by visiting us at and clicking on “my profile.” For tax purposes: the AAPA federal ID# is  23-7067770 . Your voluntary tax-deductible contribution supports PA Foundation programs. PA Foundation federal ID# is  54-1071370 .

In accordance with AAPA Bylaws Article X, Section 5, “Any individual who has their physician assistant license, certificate, registration, or temporary permit currently revoked as the result of a final adjudicated disciplinary action for violation of their professional practice statues or regulations shall be ineligible to apply for AAPA membership during the period of that revocation.”

Updating My AAPA Profile

Is my membership active?
Log in to My Profile to view your membership status, update your contact information, select your preferences and pay dues.

My name has changed. How do I update it?
Send a copy of your marriage certificate, passport, driver’s license or other government issued documents verifying your former and new legal name. Scan and email to

Or mail to 2318 Mill Rd., Ste. 1300, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Info for PA Students or Recent Graduates

I’m currently enrolled in a PA program. How do I switch my affiliate membership to a student membership?
Congratulations on acceptance into your PA program! Your member number and online access will remain the same. If you’ve prepaid any dues, a portion may be pro-rated. Please contact to update your membership now.

I’ve extended my PA studies, and my expected graduation date has changed. How do I update my student membership?
Have your PA program provide confirmation of your expected graduation date and submit to

What’s credentialing?
Credentialing establishes the qualifications of licensed professionals and assesses their background and legitimacy. AAPA partners with the AMA Credentialing Service to provide an initial profile for PA credentialing.

I’m about to graduate or I’ve recently graduated and need to be AMA credentialed. Where do I begin?
The process begins when we receive confirmation that you’ve graduated from an accredited PA program. Confirmation of graduation may be completed two ways: We may receive verification of graduation from your PA program directly, or instruct your PA program to submit official documentation of graduation to

Membership Email Communications

What you should be receiving from AAPA
AAPA relies on email to get the latest clinical and PA profession news to you – fast. Here’s what you can expect to receive from us by email as an AAPA member:


  • Medical Watch. Daily clinical and PA profession updates.
  • PA-Central. Monthly digest with the latest updates on what AAPA is doing for you, including new member benefits and CME offerings.
  • Huddle Daily Digest. Daily email with a summary of the prior day’s discussions in AAPA’s online member community, the Huddle.

Weekly updates
Dedicated emails on a variety of topics to help you in your career and your practice – from special alerts on new regulations that impact PA practice, to updates on new member benefits, to the early bird deadline for Annual Conference.

We periodically send out surveys to help us understand the current state of the profession and how we can be serving you better.

Transactional emails
Renewal invoices, online store confirmations and receipts, and official notifications about AAPA or your membership.

What to do if you’re not receiving some or all of AAPA’s emails

    1. Check the email preferences in My Profile to make sure you haven’t unsubscribed. You can customize what you want to receive from us – remember to check only the items you do NOT want to receive in this online form.
    2. Check your email account to see if our emails are going into a trash, junk or spam folder. If they are, just right click on that email and select the junk or spam option that adds that email address or email domain to your “safe” list (“add to contacts”, “not junk”, “never block,” etc.).
    3. “Whitelist” AAPA. Many email providers block any email that comes from a bulk email system – even if that system is legitimate and in compliance with best practices. If your provider is blocking AAPA email, you’ll need to “whitelist” AAPA. If you are using a personal email provider, like Gmail or Yahoo, you’ll want to add the appropriate email domain or “from” email address (see list below) to your “safe” list. If you are using business email, you’ll want to contact your employer’s IT department or vendor.

⚬   Medical Watch: Domain –
⚬   Surveys: Domain –
⚬   Huddle Daily Digest: Domain –

4. Try a different email account. Occasionally, despite AAPA’s adherence to email best practices, an email provider blocks AAPA emails in their spam filters and they are not delivered to your inbox. We work closely with these providers to resolve any issues, but we are not always successful. Contact the Customer Care team to learn more.

Other questions

How do I get access to JAAPA?
Log in to see if your membership is current and if we have your current address.

If you joined AAPA recently or renewed your dues after your membership expired, it may take up to 6 – 10 weeks for your JAAPA subscription to begin. Once you receive your first issue of JAAPA in the mail, learn how to activate your JAAPA online subscription. In the interim, you can get instant access online to all past and current JAAPA articles now.

Does AAPA certify physician assistants?
No. The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) is dedicated to assuring the public that certified PAs meet established standards of knowledge and clinical skills upon entry into practice and throughout their careers.

Does AAPA license physician assistants?
No. Each state regulates PAs. You can contact your state licensing board for further information.

How do I post my resume or respond to a job post on the PA JobSource?
Register at PA JobSource and follow the instructions.

How does my employer request a copy of AAPA’s W-9 form?
Print a copy of AAPA’s W-9 Employer Tax ID form.

How do I contact my state chapter, caucus, specialty organization or special interest group?
See a full list of constituent organizations.


Have questions or need additional assistance? Contact the Customer Care team at, or 703-836-2272, Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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