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Latest Updates

April 2021 Live-To-Enduring Update

There are two cases of live to enduring accreditations. The first is the live conference that is recorded and made available to the original attendees for a short period of time, the second is a live conference that is recorded and made available to the public in some way. In the first case this requires only a single, live application as long as the enduring content is only available up to 60 days. In the second case, where the enduring content is made available to a broader audience than the live attendees, two application must be submitted: one live, one enduring. This does not affect the case of a conference that uses multiple formats within the same product, an example being a live conference with some recorded or self-assessment sessions, which should also be submitted as just one application containing multiple formats within.

2021 Updates to the Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education

As of January 1, 2022, AAPA will be updating their accreditation process to include ACCME’s updated “Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education,” which will replace the previous Standards for Commercial Support. All applicants submitted after January 1, 2022 must be compliant with the new standards. Below is a webinar provided by ACCME to outline the new Standards. Updates will be made to AAPA’s Accreditation Management System gradually throughout 2021.

Implementing the New “Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education” from ACCME on Vimeo. For further information visit ACCME’s website.



Why apply for AAPA CME Accreditation?

AAPA is the only accreditor for the AAPA Category 1 CME system. Obtaining AAPA Category 1 CME credit adds value and improves marketability of any continuing medical education (CME) activity.

  • Reach a wide audience of PAs and NPs
  • Enhance your credibility by meeting AAPA criteria
  • Use the widely recognized AAPA CME logo in marketing materials
  • Extend your reach by posting your activity on AAPA’s CME calendar (Fees may apply.)


What does it mean to PAs when an activity is designated for AAPA credit?

  • It’s appropriate and relevant to their scope of practice.
  • It will count toward requirements for national certification and state licensure.
  • PAs are truly welcome and valued. The activity is not intended for physicians only.


Did you know?

NPs can often claim AAPA Category 1 CME credit as continuing education with AANPCB and ANCC. AAPA recommends that NPs check with their certification/licensing authority to confirm that AAPA credit is acceptable.

Eligibility, Criteria, and Policies

Eligibility, Criteria, and Policies


AAPA Accreditation is criteria based and aligned with other accreditors in the health professions such as Joint Accreditation and ACCME/AMA. CME credits are awarded for appropriate clinical and professional educational activities designed to assist healthcare professionals with continued medical education needed to enhance the ability to provide quality care to patients.

All applications are reviewed for educational and scientific merit, audience scope, and compliance with legal, ethical and professional obligations.

Topics that do not qualify for CME include personal finance and most non-clinical business development topics. If you have any questions about eligibility please reach out to [email protected] prior to beginning your application.



To be eligible for AAPA CME approval, be sure to:

  • Plan the activity in accordance with AAPA CME Criteria (PDF), in compliance with ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.
  • Apply for AAPA approval prior to the event or activity launch date. AAPA does not grant retroactive approval for activities.
  • Ensure that the activity is relevant to PA practice. The activity must empower PAs to improve patient care, improve systems of healthcare, or advance the profession as a whole.
  • Determine in advance how you will record and verify learner participation.
  • Create meaningful educational goals or learning objectives that are shared with prospective participants prior to the activity.
  • Collect evaluations after the activity so that learners can provide feedback on the quality of the program and the extent to which it met the educational purpose and/or learning objectives of the activity.
  • Collect and retain attendance or participation records.
  • Approval of your activity is contingent upon your agreement to provide a small amount of follow-up data after the accreditation period ends. This varies slightly by learning formats, but includes a count and list of PAs who participated in the activity and an evaluation summary and may include other details.


AAPA Criteria & Policies

AAPA CME Criteria was updated in March 2020 in order to align more closely with CME industry norms and increase precision in reporting. The updated criteria now require CME providers to provide learners with a certificate that reflects the precise number of credits earned by that specific participant.

Previously, CME providers could issue a generic certificate indicating the total number of credits available, placing the burden on the learner to claim the appropriate number of credits with certification and/or licensing authorities. AAPA CME Criterion 11 already required that providers have a mechanism in place to record and verify learner participation. Building on that existing criterion, AAPA CME Criterion 12 now requires providers to document the specific number of CME credits claimed/earned by each participant on the CME certificate, along with the appropriate credit designation statement and CME approval logo.

Pre-Accreditation Statements

Pre-accreditation Statements

If your activity is approved by the AAPA Review Panel, you will receive an email with the precise accreditation statement and AAPA CME logo to include in your marketing materials and on certificates of completion issued to learners.


Language to Use Prior to Receiving AAPA Approval

You may publish the following statement in any advance marketing, prior to applying and/or receiving approval of AAPA Category 1 CME credit for your activity:

“This program is not yet approved for CME credit. Conference organizers plan to apply for ____ AAPA Category 1 CME credits from the AAPA Review Panel. The total number of approved credits is yet to be determined.”

You may not use AAPA CME logos nor claim AAPA approval until you have received an approval from AAPA. Doing so may result in denial of current and/or future CME applications.


Already Designated for Physician Credit?

Activities already designated for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, AAFP Prescribed Credit, or AOA Category 1-A Credit may apply using an expedited AAPA CME review application and gain AAPA Category 1 Accreditation for their activity. These activities are automatically eligible for Simple application fees, as noted in the 2020 CME Fee Structure Update.

PAs generally know that programs approved for Category 1 CME credit by an ACCME accredited provider, AAFP and/or AOA will count toward PA certification maintenance requirements. If you wish to make this explicit in your promotional materials, you could use one of the following statements.

If your program is already designated for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™

“PAs may claim a maximum of ____ Category 1 credits for completing this activity. NCCPA accepts AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ from organizations accredited by ACCME or a recognized state medical society.”

If your program is already designated for AOA Category 1-A Credit

“PAs may claim a maximum of ____ Category 1 credits for completing this activity. NCCPA accepts AOA Category 1-A Credit.”

If your program is already designated for AAFP Prescribed Credit

“PAs may claim a maximum of ____ Category 1 credits for completing this activity. NCCPA accepts AAFP Prescribed Credit.”

Application Fees

Application Fees

After analyzing application data from the past decade, AAPA has developed an updated CME fee structure effective March 2020. It simplifies how fees are determined and more appropriately aligns the fees for more complex applications with the resources required to review those complex applications.


Simple Complex Rush Upload
Tier 1 – Constituent Organizations $50 $100 +$200 +$200
Tier 2 – ARC-PA Accredited PA Programs $200 $400 +$200 +$200
Tier 3 – Duty of Care, Academic, Professional, Government, and Military Organizations $300 $600 +$500 +$500
Tier 4 – All Other Organizations $1000 $2000 +$1000 +$1000


Fees are now determined based on the complexity of the application as described below: 



An activity is considered SIMPLE if it meets ALL of the following criteria:

  1. 5 or fewer CME credits
  2. If there is no commercial support
  3. If there is a single CME format included in the application*Activities already designated for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, AAFP Prescribed Credit, or AOA Category 1-A Credit will automatically be considered SIMPLE.


An activity is considered COMPLEX if it meets ANY of the following criteria:

  • If there are more than 5 CME credits requested
  • If there is commercial support
  • If there is more than one learning format included in the application


Organization Tier

Click on a panel below to learn more about each tier.

Tier 1 – Constituent Organizations

Constituent organizations (COs) are independent organizations affiliated with AAPA. Constituent Organizations, including the following groups, are eligible for Tier 1 fees:

  • PA state chapters
  • PA federal service chapters
  • PA specialty organizations
  • PA caucuses
  • PA special interest groups
  • PA regional groups

Tier 2 – ARC-PA Accredited PA Programs

Only PA programs which are accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) are eligible for Tier 2 fees.

Tier 3 – Duty of Care, Academic, Professional, Government, and Military Organizations

Duty of Care organizations are defined as those organizations whose staff are responsible for the provision of care to the public or their employees. These organizations must be able to prove that they provide education with the goal of increasing the skills and knowledge of only their employees or members and not primarily to make a financial profit. Organizations qualifying for Tier 3 fees include:

  • Hospitals, Health Systems, Clinics, or Private Practices targeting their employees or members
  • Academic institutions targeting their employees or members
  • Professional associations targeting their employees or members
  • Government or Military organizations or agencies
  • Other organizations targeting their own professional staff or members

Tier 4 – All Other Organizations

All other organizations that do not fit the descriptions in Tiers 1-3, or which AAPA deems as most appropriately being placed in Tier 4, will be subject to Tier 4 fees; these commonly include:

  • Medical Education Companies and their partners
  • Communications Companies and their partners
  • Other organizations who do not qualify for Tiers 1-3, regardless of tax status


Rush or Upload Fees

Rush Processing:Required for application submitted within 21 days of an activity. Optional addition to any application for expedited review with a guaranteed result within 7 days.

Data Upload: Providers who would rather upload their session details in a properly formatted Excel file may pay an additional fee in lieu of entering that data manually into the system.


CME Calendar Listings and Advertising Through AAPA

Add your CME approved course to our CME Calendar.  This one-stop portal is the go-to source for PAs in search of the latest CME education.  AAPA accredited listings are $250 for a 30 day listing. Please complete this form and you will be contacted once approved. For other questions about advertising please contact Del Baker-Robertson via email at [email protected].

How to Apply

How to Apply


  • Submit your application at least 21 days in advance of the activity start date. Applications submitted less than calendar 21 days in advance of the activity start date are subject to mandatory rush fees. Applications submitted less than 7 calendar days in advance of the activity start date are not accepted for review.
  • Please allow up to 3 weeks for the AAPA Review Panel to reach a decision. Actual review times vary and are impacted by total application volume, reviewer resources, and the number of rush applications we’ve received. If reviewers need to request additional information, review of your activity could take longer. If you’ve marked your application for rush processing, you will receive a decision within 7 calendar days.
  • You may only use AAPA Category 1 CME credit logos in your marketing once your activity is approved. See Pre-accreditation Statements for more information.
  • AAPA does not, under any circumstance, approve activities retroactively. Nor do we accept applications less than seven days in advance of the event/activity date.


Applying for CME Accreditation

AAPA’s application process is entirely online. Approval decisions and any requests for additional information are sent via email. It is incumbent on the submitter to monitor the status of applications, respond to correspondence in a timely manner, and ensure all appropriate documentation is provided. Failure to compete a request for further information or any other requests may result in the cancellation of the application.

  1. Read through AAPA’s CME Criteria and Policies.
  2. Review required information for your application and specific learning formats.
  3. Go to AAPA’s CME Approval and log in using your AAPA username and password. If you don’t already have an AAPA account, creating one is straightforward and intuitive. If you already have a personal account, you should not create a new one when applying. Credentials for the old system will no longer be valid.
  4. Click “Submit New Applications” to begin your application. Complete all required fields marked and. pay the application fee. Paying the fees by credit card is strongly recommended because your request will move into our review queue without delay and you can obtain a receipt immediately (click on the “Invoices” link). If paying by check, be sure to include the Request ID on the check stub or in the memo line or risk a delay in your application. Please bear in mind that we will not begin reviewing your application until we receive payment. If your delay moves your application too close to, or after, your event’s start date, your application will not be reviewed, and no refund will be issued.
  5. Allow up to 3 weeks for a decision from the AAPA Review Panel. If our review panel requires more information or your application is incomplete, you will receive a request for more information via email. The AAPA Review Panel’s decision on your request is also sent via email.


After Your Activity is Approved

  1. Accept AAPA’s CME Agreement. Log in to AAPA’s CME Approval System and navigate into your application. You will now have access to the “Agreement” stage of the application, which you must review and accept. You must accept the agreement within 7 days of receiving temporary accreditation or risk your activity being cancelled and subsequently unaccredited, without refund.
  2. Use the AAPA CME logo and accreditation statements in your marketing materials, printed program, and front matter. A link to the AAPA credit logo and an accreditation statement can be found in your CME Agreement. Please use the accreditation statement verbatim; this is also found in your agreement.
  3. Issue certificates to participating learners when appropriate. Sample certificates are available from the pages detailing each of the learning formats. As the CME provider, issuing certificates is your responsibility. PAs are responsible for logging the credits they earn. AAPA does not perform either of these functions. Please use the accreditation statement provided to you in your CME Agreement verbatim.,
  4. Provide AAPA with follow-up information in your Post Activity report. Within 90 days of completion of your activity (or at the end of your accreditation period), return to AAPA’s CME Approval Software, return to your application, and click on the “Post Activity Report” link. This entails entering the number of learners (PAs and other professionals) who completed your activity, uploading a participant list), a summary of the evaluations collected from participants, and any other lingering information or updates specific to your application.
Learning Formats

Learning Formats

AAPA offers Category 1 CME accreditation for 6 learning formats.

Use the pages below to access the definition, accreditation period, any eligibility requirements unique to that type, and to download sample supporting documents for your application.

Joint Accreditation

Joint Accreditation

AAPA joined a collaboration with Joint Accreditation, an organization that establishes the criteria to deliver continuing education planned by the healthcare team for the healthcare team. This collaboration gives jointly accredited organizations the option to include PAs in their interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) programs without needing to attain separate accreditation through AAPA.

In addition to increasing the accessibility of AAPA Category 1 CME credit, Joint Accreditation provides greater recognition of the PA’s role in educational activities developed for the team and offers organizations simultaneous accreditation of all team members through a unified accreditation process and set of accreditation criteria.

Guidelines for Designating AAPA Category 1 CME Credit Through Joint Accreditation




We are pleased to recognize the following providers for their adoption of AAPA Category 1 credit through Joint Accreditation:

Accreditation Providers

  • AcademicCME
  • AK Department of Health and Social Servic
  • AKH, Inc., Adv. Knowledge in Healthcare
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Amedco, LLC
  • American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
  • American Academy of CME
  • American Association of Diabetes Educator
  • American College of Cardiology Foundation
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Ascension/St. Vincent’s Health
  • AXIS Medical Education
  • Baystate Health
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Centra
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Clinical Care Options, LLC
  • Community Health Center, Inc
  • Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers
  • Creighton University
  • Dannemiller, Inc
  • Defense Health Agency, J-7, Continuing Education Program Office (CEPO)
  • Duke University Health System Department of Clinical Education and Professional Development
  • FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
  • Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
  • Haymarket Medical Education
  • Indian Health Service Clinical Support
  • MaineHealth
  • Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  • The Medical Educator Consortium
  • Medical Education Resources, Inc..
  • Medscape, LLC
  • National Committee for Quality Assurance
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Northwell Health
  • Penn Medicine
  • Postgraduate Institute for Medicine
  • Practicing Clinicians Exchange
  • Projects In Knowledge, Inc.
  • Relias LLC
  • Rush University Medical Cnt
  • Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Society of Gynecologic Oncology
  • Stanford University
  • Texas Health Resources
  • The Carle Foundation
  • The Robert Larner College of Medicine at The University of Vermont
  • Thomas Jefferson University
  • Trinity Health System
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Virginia
  • UW-Madison Interprofessional Continuing Education Partnership
  • VCU Health Continuing Education
  • Veterans Health Administration, Employee Education System
  • Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine
Preceptor CME Accredited Programs

Preceptor CME Accredited Programs

Through a partnership between PAEA and AAPA, ARC-PA accredited PA programs may apply to become eligible to award AAPA Category 1 CME to their PA preceptors for up to two years at a time.

If you are a PA interested in precepting or a current preceptor interested in earning AAPA Category 1 CME for your efforts and your program is not accredited, please reach out to your program director. The cost of an application for up to a 24-month accreditation period is $400.

This page contains a regularly updated list of the name and location of every PA program in the United States as well as their eligibility to provide AAPA Category 1 CME to their preceptors.

Learn how to submit for Preceptor Accreditation here.

Name City State Period
Academy of Health Sciences-US Army Fort Sam Houston TX Unaccredited
AdventHealth University – Orlando Orlando FL Through 7/2022
Albany Medical College Albany NY Unaccredited
Alderson-Broaddus College Philippi WV Unaccredited
Anne Arundel Community College Arnold MD Unaccredited
Arcadia University Glenside PA Through 10/2020
Arizona School of Health Sciences /

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences

Mesa AZ Through 9/2022
Augsburg University Minneapolis MN Through 2/2021
Augusta University Augusta GA Through 8/2022
Baldwin Wallace University Berea OH Unaccredited
Barry University Miami FL Unaccredited
Bay Path University Longmeadow MA Through 4/2022
Bayley Seton Hospital Physician Assistant Program Staten Island NY Unaccredited
Baylor College of Medicine Houston TX Unaccredited
Bethel University – Paris TN Paris TN Through 7/2021
Bethel University – St Paul MN Saint Paul MN Through 7/2021
Boston University Boston MA Through 3/2021
Bryant University Smithfield RI Through 12/2021
Butler University Indianapolis IN Through 5/2022
California Baptist University Riverside CA Unaccredited
California State University Monterey Bay

Canisius College







Campbell University Buies Creek NC Through 1/2021
Carroll University PA Program Waukesha WI Through 5/2021
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland OH Through 8/2022
Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant MI Through 11/2022
Chapman University Irvine CA Through 11/2020
Charles R. Drew Univ of Medicine & Science Los Angeles CA Unaccredited
Charleston Southern University (SC) Charleston SC Through 12/2021
Chatham University Pittsburgh PA Through 5/2022
Christian Brothers University Memphis TN Unaccredited
Clarkson University Potsdam NY Unaccredited
College of Saint Elizabeth Morristown NJ Unaccredited
College of Saint Mary Omaha NE Through 8/2022
Colorado Mesa University Grand Junction CO Through 7/2022
Concordia University

Concordia University


Ann Arbor



Through 8/2022


Concordia University Ann Arbor 48105 MI Unaccredited
Creighton University Omaha NE Through 8/2022
CUNY School of Medicine New York NY Through 12/2021
Cuyahoga Community College Parma OH Unaccredited
Cuyahoga Community College/Cleveland State University Parma OH Unaccredited
Daemen College Amherst NY Through 4/2022
Des Moines University Des Moines IA Through 5/2022
DeSales University Center Valley PA Through 8/2022
Dominican University River Forest IL Through 8/2020
Dominican University of California San Rafael CA Through 12/2020
Drexel University Philadelphia PA Through 5/2023
Duke University Durham NC Through 8/2022
Duke University PA Program Durham NC Through 8/2022
Duquesne University Pittsburgh PA Unaccredited
D’Youville College Buffalo NY Through 5/2022
East Carolina University Greenville NC Through 10/2020
Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti MI Through 8/2022
Eastern Virginia Medical School Norfolk VA Through 7/2020
Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown PA Unaccredited
Elon University Elon NC Through 1/2023
Emory & Henry College Marion VA Unaccredited
Emory University School of Medicine Atlanta GA Unaccredited
Faulkner University

Florida College of PAs


Coral Springs





Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers FL Through 9/2020
Florida International University-Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Miami FL Unaccredited
Florida State University Tallahassee FL Unaccredited
Francis Marion University Florence SC Unaccredited
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University Baton Rouge LA Unaccredited
Franklin College Franklin IN Through 11/2020
Franklin Pierce University West Lebanon NH Unaccredited
Frostburg State University Hagerstown MD Unaccredited
Gannon University-Erie, PA Erie PA Through 7/2022
Gannon University-Ruskin, FL Sun City Center FL Through 7/2022
Gardner-Webb University Shelby NC Through 9/2022
George Washington University Washington DC Through 5/2023
Grand Valley State University Grand Rapids MI Through 4/2020
Harding University Searcy AR Through 5/2022
Hardin-Simmons University Abilene TX Through 11/2022
Heritage University Toppenish WA Through 10/2020
High Point University High Point NC Unaccredited
Hofstra University Uniondale NY Through 8/2021
Howard University Washington DC Unaccredited
Idaho State University Pocatello ID Unaccredited
Indiana State University Terre Haute IN Through 2/2023
Indiana University Indianapolis IN Through 5/2022
Interservice PA Program (IPAP) Fort Sam Houston TX Unaccredited
James Madison University Harrisonburg VA Unaccredited
Jefferson College of Health Sciences Roanoke VA Unaccredited
John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County/Malcolm X College Chicago IL Unaccredited
Johnson & Wales University Providence RI Through 5/2022
Keiser University Fort Lauderdale FL Unaccredited
Kettering College Kettering OH Through 7/2022
King’s College Wilkes Barre PA Unaccredited
Lake Erie College Painesville OH Through 10/2022
Le Moyne College Syracuse NY Through 9/2020
Lenoir-Rhyne University Hickory NC Unaccredited
Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine

Lincoln Memorial University





Through 8/2022

Through 8/2022

Lipscomb University, Nashville TN Unaccredited
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Lock Haven PA Through 5/2021
Loma Linda University Loma Linda CA Through 9/2021
Long Island University Brooklyn NY Through 10/2022
Louisiana State University – New Orleans New Orleans LA Through 9/2022
Louisiana State University – Shreveport Shreveport LA Through 9/2022
Marietta College Marietta OH Through 7/2022
Marist College Poughkeepsie NY Through 4/2023
Marquette University Milwaukee WI Through 5/2022
Marshall B. Ketchum University Fullerton CA Through 10/2022
Mary Baldwin University Fishersville VA Through 2/2021
Marywood University Scranton PA Through 10/2021
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Boston MA Unaccredited
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences-Manchester Manchester NH Unaccredited
Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences Rochester MN Unaccredited
Medical University of South Carolina Charleston SC Through 7/2022
Mercer University PA Program Atlanta GA Unaccredited
Mercy College Bronx NY Unaccredited
Mercyhurst University Erie PA Unaccredited
Methodist University Fayetteville NC Unaccredited
MGH Institute of Health Boston MA Through 4/2020
Miami Dade College Miami FL Unaccredited
Midwestern University Glendale Glendale AZ Through 8/2022
Midwestern University-Downers Grove Downers Grove IL Through 8/2022
Milligan College Milligan College TN Through 5/2023
Misericordia University Dallas PA Unaccredited
Mississippi College Clinton MS Through 8/2022
Missouri State University Springfield MO Through 12/2021
Monmouth University West Long Branch NJ Unaccredited
Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta GA Through 9/2021
Moreno Valley College Moreno Valley CA Unaccredited
Mount St. Joseph University Cincinnati OH Through 12/2022
Mountain State University Beckley WV Unaccredited
New York Institute of Technology Old Westbury NY Unaccredited
North Greenville University Greer SC Unaccredited
Northeastern State University

Northeastern University






Through 8/2020

Northern Arizona University Phoenix AZ Through 8/2021
Northwestern College Orange City IA Through 6/2020
Northwestern University Physician Assistant Program Chicago IL Through 3/2023
Nova Southeastern University – Orlando Orlando FL Through 5/2020
Nova Southeastern University-Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale FL Through 9/2022
Nova Southeastern University-Ft Myers Fort Myers FL Through 5/2020
Nova Southeastern University-Jacksonville Jacksonville FL Through 5/2020
Ohio Dominican University Columbus OH Through 12/2021
Ohio University Dublin OH Through 7/2021
Oklahoma City University Oklahoma City OK Unaccredited
Oregon Health & Science University Portland OR Through 10/2022
Pace University – Lenox Hill Hospital New York NY Through 1/2021
Pace University – Pleasantville Pleasantville NY Through 12/2022
Pacific University Hillsboro OR Through 8/2021
Pennsylvania College of Technology Williamsport PA Through 11/2022
Pennsylvania State University Hershey PA Through 5/2022
Pfeiffer University Albemarle NC Unaccredited
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Philadelphia PA Through 12/2020
Presbyterian College Clinton SC Through 9/2020
Quinnipiac University Hamden CT Unaccredited
Radford University

Red Rocks Community College





Through 2/2022

Through 12/2021

Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester NY Unaccredited
Rocky Mountain College Billings MT Unaccredited
Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Provo UT Through 8/2022
Rocky Vista University Parker CO Unaccredited
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science North Chicago IL Through 4/2022
Rush University Chicago IL Through 3/2023
Rutgers University Piscataway NJ Through 10/2022
Sacred Heart University PA Program Fairfield CT Unaccredited
Saint Francis University Loretto PA Through 10/2022
Saint Louis University Saint Louis MO Through 12/2021
Salus University Elkins Park PA Unaccredited
Samford University Birmingham AL Unaccredited
Samuel Merritt University Oakland CA Through 12/2022
San Joaquin Valley College Visalia CA Unaccredited
Seton Hall University Nutley NJ Through 5/2020
Seton Hill University Greensburg PA Through 4/2021
Shenandoah University Winchester VA Through 12/2021
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Harrisville PA Unaccredited
South College – Knoxville Knoxville TN Through 12/2022
South College – Nashville Nashville TN Through 12/2022
South University – Richmond (VA) Glen Allen VA Unaccredited
South University – Savannah (GA) Savannah GA Through 3/2022
South University – Tampa (FL) Tampa FL Unaccredited
Southern California University of Health Sciences Whittier CA Unaccredited
Southern Illinois University Carbondale Carbondale IL Through 8/2021
Springfield College Springfield MA Through 11/2020
St. Ambrose University Davenport IA Unaccredited
St. Catherine University Saint Paul MN Unaccredited
St. John’s University Fresh Meadows NY Through 6/2022
St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers of New York Staten Island NY Unaccredited
Stanford University Stanford CA Unaccredited
Stephens College Columbia MO Through 1/2022
Stony Brook University Stony Brook NY Unaccredited
Sullivan University Louisville KY Unaccredited
SUNY Downstate Medical Center Brooklyn NY Unaccredited
Temple University Philadelphia PA Unaccredited
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Midland TX Through 2/2023
The College of St. Scholastica Duluth MN Through 7/2023
Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia PA Through 7/2021
Thomas Jefferson University East Falls Philadelphia PA Through 7/2021
Touro College Manhattan Campus New York NY Through 8/2022
Touro College School of Health Sciences Bay Shore NY Unaccredited
Touro University – California Vallejo CA Unaccredited
Touro University Nevada Henderson NV Through 1/2023
Towson University CCBC Essex Baltimore MD Through 10/2022
Trevecca Nazarene University Nashville TN Through 8/2023
Trine University Fort Wayne IN Unaccredited
Tufts University Boston MA Through 2/2022
Union College Lincoln NE Through 4/2021
University of Alabama At Birmingham Birmingham AL Through 12/2022
University of Arkansas Little Rock AR Unaccredited
University of Bridgeport Bridgeport CT Through 2/2023
University of California Davis Sacramento CA Through 4/2020
University of Charleston Charleston WV Unaccredited
University of Colorado Aurora CO Unaccredited
University of Dayton Dayton OH Through 12/2020
University of Detroit Mercy Detroit MI Through 4/2023
University of Dubuque Dubuque IA Through 1/2022
University of Evansville Evansville IN Through 8/2020
University of Findlay Findlay OH Through 3/2023
University of Florida Gainesville FL Unaccredited
University of Iowa Iowa City IA Through 12/2021
University of Kentucky Lexington KY Through 2/2023
University of La Verne La Verne CA Unaccredited
University of Lynchburg Lynchburg VA Through 6/2021
University of Maryland Eastern Shore Princess Anne MD Unaccredited
University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City MO Through 4/2022
University of Mount Union Alliance OH Through 8/2021
University of Nebraska Medical Center Omaha NE Through 12/2021
University of Nevada –  Reno Reno NV Unaccredited
University of New England Portland ME Unaccredited
University of New Mexico Albuquerque NM Through 11/2020
University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Chapel Hill NC Through 3/2022
University of North Dakota Grand Forks ND Through 2/2021
University of North Texas – Health Science Ctr Fort Worth TX Unaccredited
University of Oklahoma – Tulsa Tulsa OK Through 8/2022
University of Oklahoma-Oklahoma City Oklahoma City OK Through 8/2022
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA Through 12/2022
University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne Fort Wayne IN Through 11/2020
University of Saint Joseph (CT) West Hartford CT Through 5/2022
University of South Alabama Mobile AL Through 7/2022
University of South Carolina School of Medicine–Columbia Columbia SC Through 7/2022
University of South Dakota Vermillion SD Unaccredited
University of South Dakota Vermillion SD Unaccredited
University of South Florida Tampa FL Through 3/2022
University of Southern California – Keck of School of Medicine Alhambra CA Unaccredited
University of St. Francis Albuquerque NM Unaccredited
University of St. Francis Albuquerque NM Unaccredited
University of Tampa Tampa FL Through 12/2022
University of Tennessee Memphis TN Unaccredited
University of Texas Health Science Center At San Antonio San Antonio TX Unaccredited
University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston Galveston TX Through 6/2023
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Edinburg TX Unaccredited
University of the Cumberlands, Northern KY campus Florence KY Unaccredited
University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg Campus Williamsburg KY Unaccredited
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

University of Michigan

University of the Pacific







Through 1/2024

Through 5/2023

Through 3/2022

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Philadelphia PA Through 11/2020
University of Toledo Toledo OH Unaccredited
University of Utah Salt Lake City UT Through 12/2020
University of Washington MEDEX NW Seattle WA Unaccredited
University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse-Gundersen-Mayo La Crosse WI Through 6/2022
University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison WI Through 6/2022
University of Texas Southwestern Dallas TX Through 8/2022
Valparaiso University Valparaiso IN Unaccredited
Wagner College Staten Island NY Unaccredited
Wake Forest University Winston Salem NC Through 6/2020
Wayne State University Detroit MI Through 8/2022
Weill Cornell Medical Sciences New York NY Through 12/2022
West Liberty University West Liberty WV Unaccredited
West Virginia University Morgantown WV Unaccredited
Western Michigan University Kalamazoo MI Through 8/2022
Western University of Health Sciences Pomona CA Unaccredited
Westfield State University Westfield MA Unaccredited
Wichita State University Wichita KS Through 7/2022
Wingate University Physician Assistant Program Wingate NC Through 12/2021
Xavier University of Louisiana New Orleans LA Through 12/2022
Yale University Physician Assistant Online Program New Haven CT Through 8/2022
Yale University Physician Associate Program New Haven CT Through 8/2022
York College / CUNY Jamaica NY Through 6/2020
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations are required to maintain their records for no less than 7 years following the end of an activity. AAPA is not responsible for maintaining records of your attendance, materials, or otherwise.

May I submit my application without having all of my disclosures, session details, or recordings in hand?

No. Under no circumstance will incomplete applications be accepted for review.

My organization has existing disclosure forms or has collected them in a different format that AAPA uses, is this acceptable?

The form you use to collect disclosure information is less important than the management of conflicts of interest which applicants are now required to outline in their applications for each planner, reviewer, and faculty member. If your disclosure forms collect the same amount or more information than the AAPA sample disclosure your form will be acceptable in place of our own.>

My account is locked / I can’t remember my password.

Please be sure you are logging in to the CME Accreditation system using your aapa.org login credentials. You may call 703-836-2272 for assistance. Note that the system does not keep any financial information on file, so it is completely safe for us to reset the password on your behalf.

The person who originally submitted requests on our organization’s behalf is no longer working with us/we do not have access to our account.

Email [email protected] so that an incomplete application or an application in need of reconciliation may be reassigned to you. Applicants SHOULD NOT share accounts, create multiple accounts, attempt to create institutional accounts, and should only use their personal accounts.

What is the status of my request?

Simply log in to the system to view the status of your request or email [email protected] for further information. You can also check the email listed on the account for any correspondence (be sure to also check your SPAM or junk folders).

What information is needed for the reconciliation?

This varies by request type. For all activities, we need the number of learners (PAs and other professionals) who completed the activity, a participant list, a summary of evaluations collected from participants (do not submit individual responses), and any other application specific information. Please note that there may be additional information needed depending on the different request types.

I had an application in the current system. What happened to it?

Any unsubmitted applications in the old system have been deleted. Submitted applications have been reviewed and the applicants notified of decisions appropriately.

Why does the website look different?

AAPA has updated to a new accreditation system for your benefit. The application process will remain largely unchanged with some minor updates intended to make it easier and more cost effective for applicants.

Why isn’t my username/password working anymore?

You must now use your existing AAPA username and password to log in to cmeapproval.aapa.org and submit new applications. If you don’t already have an AAPA account, creating one is straightforward and intuitive.

Your AAPA accreditation portal login credentials are the same as your Learning Central credentials. Contact AAPA Customer Support at 703-836-2272 to have your password reset.

I have an application in the old system. How do I submit my reconciliation?

All applications submitted in the old system will still need to be reconciled. However, it will be easier than before. When your activity / accreditation period ends, you will email your attendance list and evaluations summary to [email protected]. Failure to complete the reconciliation process will result in delays in future application processing.

Do I need learning objectives for each session or activity?

As an alternative to explicitly requiring learning objectives, CME activities must at a minimum include a stated purpose or goal in order to comply with AAPA CME Criteria. This modification is made with the recognition that learning can take place in less formal situations but still be relevant for CME credit.

Do I need to use a post-test to evaluate my learners following an enduring activity?

For enduring materials, as an alternative to traditional post-tests taken after a CME activity, an evaluation may be used that assesses the degree to which the activity met its educational purpose and/or objective. The assessment should also focus on a change in practice for PAs or their healthcare teams in terms of their skills/strategy, performance, or patient outcomes.

Do any AAPA CME accreditations meet the Improvement Activities Requirements for MIPS?

Yes, PI-CME activities approved for AAPA Category 1 PI-CME credit and Hospital and Health System QI activities approved for AAPA Category 1 PI-CME credit both satisfy the 2019 Improvement Activities Requirements for MIPS.

Can I claim credit for CPR or other nationally recognized programs?

AAPA and NCCPA recognize a list of programs for CME regardless of the provider. This list of nationally recognized programs can be found here and on NCCPA’s website.

For any other questions, comments, or concerns, you may contact us at 703-836-2272 or [email protected].