Time’s on Your Side

But not for much longer! Register for AAPA 2021 before this virtual event of the year starts without you. Plus, get your chance to win $1,000 to spend however you want.


It’s Kind of a Big Deal

AAPA 2021’s Main Stage features Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, national thought leaders, a Top Chef, a HGTV star, and sessions on moral injury, health equity, and COVID-19. Jump in live or watch the recording – either way, don’t miss out!


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There are many ways to be a PA, but the cornerstone of providing incredible patient care ties you all together, wherever you are.

Join us May 23 – 26 for our fully virtual AAPA 2021! Log in for this engaging conference from anywhere, and learn, connect and grow on your own schedule! Get the tools you need to shape your career and map out your future. Advance your patient care with robust case-based sessions led by expert faculty. Challenge yourself to meet new connections and work to bring down practice barriers for PAs. With all that PAs have accomplished this year, you can’t afford to miss this important gathering!