Solve the PA Pay Gap

AAPA is working to solve the PA pay gap by making sure that every PA has the tools they need to effectively negotiate their pay and benefits.

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Designed for PAs and those who manage them, the new CHLM and Northeastern University PA Leadership and Management Certificate program focuses on critical competencies like advocacy, measuring workforce productivity, and billing and reimbursement.




CHLM Keeps You On The Forefront of Healthcare

As a healthcare organization, your most valuable tool is your provider team. Having the right provider in the right place at the right time changes the way healthcare is delivered.

CHLM – Improving healthcare, fostering productive teams, and developing leaders.

Featured Content

Strategies for PAs to Prevent Burnout

While work/life balance will always be provisional and imperfect, it is worth seeking; it is essential PAs take care of themselves to prevent professional and personal burnout.

PA Career Lessons: What I Wish I Knew Then

Lisa Shock, MHS, PA-C, a practicing PA for almost 20 years, reflects on her early-PA career days and shares what she wishes she’d known then.

Provider Burnout and the Risk of Malpractice

Burnout is an increasing problem among medical professionals. Burnout rates are almost twice as high among healthcare providers as other career fields. Burnout causes practice and patient-related costs, so taking the time to address organizational contributing factors is well worth it.

PAs and Consent to Settle

If you are accused of a medical error while working as a PA, you look to your malpractice insurance to pay any amounts due to the injured party (the plaintiff). Sometimes, a judge or jury determines this amount after the proceedings of a trial. It is important to understand the “consent to settle” provision in your malpractice policy.

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