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Jennifer Anne Hohman has been a PA career advisor and advocate since 1999. Through her PA Career Coach services, she offers personalized guidance to new and experienced PAs in the areas of career navigation, resume and professional material preparation, interviewing, and contract negotiation. Jennifer has helped hundreds of PAs get their dream jobs. Put her expertise to work for you – email Jennifer at [email protected] today!


*Pricing is available by contacting PA Career Coach.

Career Consultation

  • Expert edits and updates to your professional materials:
    • Resume
    • Cover letters
    • LinkedIn guidance
    • Promoting your unique skills
  • Career self-assessment to clarify goals
  • Interview coaching 1 on 1

Contract Consultation

  • Contract review and negotiating support
    • This service provides contract assessment and negotation advocacy to improve and clarify your offer.

Resume Guidance

  • Refresh your resume/CV to launch your job search with confidence
    • This service offers prompt updates and edits to your resume, whatever of your PA career
How It Works
Step 1 Email PA Career Coach at [email protected] and select the kind of service you’d like.
Size 2 Receive a personalized email reply from PA Career Coach.
Step 3 Discuss your needs over email or phone with PA Career Coach.
Step 4 Receive agreed upon coaching and consultation.
Step 5 Reach your career goals!


“As a recent graduate, navigating the new employment world with private practices can be daunting. Jennifer was very helpful in pointing out issues that should undoubtedly be addressed on a contract. She was also very informed on what is being offered nationwide to my peers. I feel very confident that with Jennifer’s help, I negotiated my best deal.

– Elena Sweet, PA-C

“Jennifer provided an exceptional service that I could not have found elsewhere! Navigating the contracting and new employment process as a new grad PA was a daunting task. She made it manageable and even exciting. I got so many compliments from my employer after being hired that I had great questions and comments about the contract, all of which came right from Jennifer’s expert advice. I will continue to recommend this service to all of my PA colleagues. I am very thankful I found it for myself!”

– Lee K. Curtis, MPAS, PA-C

“I recently separated from the military after working 4 years as a family practice PA and looked to Jennifer to help me with the transition in my career. Jennifer was incredibly helpful in giving me tips about modifying my CV and cover letter to be relevant to the civilian world. Once I received a job offer, I really liked that she helped to review the offer and benefits package which provided me with the reassurance that I was heading in the right direction. Highly recommend her to any PA who needs help in a career transition!”

– Shannon Rice, PA-C

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*Pricing is available by contacting PA Career Coach.