Maine Association of Physician Assistants

Maine Legislature Fast-Tracks PA Legislation to Help Combat COVID-19

Maine’s governor signed LD 1660, an Act to Improve Access to Physician Assistant Care, to help address the public health crisis of COVID-19 in Maine. It was under consideration before the legislature adjourned indefinitely. This was Maine Association of PAs top legislative priority.
A telehealth visit

CMS Expands Medicare Telemedicine Coverage

CMS announced expanded Medicare telehealth coverage to enable beneficiaries to receive a wider range of healthcare services without having to travel to an office, clinic or health care facility. Previously, Medicare was only allowed to pay health professionals for telemedicine services in certain situations.
Rush University Medical Center

Rush University PAs Integral to Coronavirus Response

With new patients contracting coronavirus, COVID-19, daily in the U.S., PAs are on the front lines of the crisis response. Those at Rush University Medical Center are getting special training, setting up COVID-only emergency care, and using telemedicine to increase patient access to providers.