Molly deButts with shoe boxes

PA Program Organizes Fundraiser to Help Frontline Providers

Molly deButts and her fellow PA students wanted to help their future colleagues, so they partnered with a local running store, fundraised online, and donated 86 pairs of clogs to healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 response.
Braedon Haerling with family talking to his wife and newborn through a window

How COVID-19 Changed Everything for New Parents

Braedon Haertling, PA-C, and his wife, Chelsea, welcomed their first child during the COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID-19 changed everything for us,” he says. “Grandparents, siblings, and cousins…had to meet our little one on FaceTime.” He shared their experience and photos with AAPA.
Brittany Arnett in PPE

PAs on the Front Lines: Brittany Arnett in Pediatrics

Brittany Arnett, PA-C, has been practicing for nine years and works in pediatrics in Clayton, Georgia. She started discussing COVID-19 with her colleagues in late January, weeks before it reached her small town. “This is the most memorable moment in my career,” she says.
PA with a patient

Not on the Front Lines? Ways You Can Help With COVID-19 Response

AAPA is hearing from many PAs who want to offer their skills and abilities during the COVID-19 crisis but aren’t sure exactly how to help. Here is information and several suggested resources, whether you are a currently practicing PA, retiree, or a student.
Hunter Gibbs headshot

COVID-19 and PA Students: How the Pandemic Affected Me

Hunter Gibbs, a second-year PA student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham shared with AAPA how COVID-19 upended his clinical rotations, the uncertainty he and other students suddenly faced, and how he found a way to help.