Reimbursement Briefs

AAPA Reimbursement Briefs cover a wide range of reimbursement topics that are important to PAs and PA practice. PAs as Primary Care Providers Learn about PAs practicing as Primary Care Providers (PCPs) and why it is important that PAs working in primary care are recognized as PCPs. The Levels of PA Enrollment Learn about the…

Direct Payment for PAs

As demand for PA medical and surgical services continues to grow, it is critical to streamline payment practices to increase access, improve transparency, and reduce administrative burdens on the Medicare program, PAs, employers and patients.

Two PAs talking

Quantifying PA Productivity Can be Challenging

Measuring productivity in healthcare is important to determine contribution to care, revenue generation, and job performance; however, accurate measurement of a health professional’s productivity can be challenging. PAs are acutely affected when productivity measurements are quantified by financial contribution alone.