Medicare Preventive Services

Medicare Wellness Visits Learn more about Medicare Wellness Visits, including the Initial Preventive Physical Exam (aka “Welcome to Medicare” exam) and Annual Wellness Visits. Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan Services Find out about Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan Services Medicare covers PAs and other eligible providers to perform a detailed cognitive assessment and care plan…

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Rule Change Provides More Flexibility to PAs Ordering Diabetic Shoes

Due to 2020 policy changes, PAs, in certain circumstances, are now allowed to order therapeutic shoes. While the ability to order diabetic shoes is now somewhat more permissive, the practice is still cumbersome and continues to contain unnecessary restrictions on PAs.

Changes to E/M Codes: What PAs Need to Know

A new code structure for new and established outpatient Evaluation and Management (E/M) services is in effect. PA Emily Hill helps you understand what you need to know about the changes and how they will impact your own practice.
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New White Paper Will Help You Understand Transparency Issues

Transparency is at the heart of many AAPA advocacy efforts. Inadequate identification of PAs and the services they provide creates flawed data which inaccurately inform important decisions made by patients, policy makers, payers, researchers, and others. A new white paper highlights these issues.