Medicare Preventive Services

PAs are covered for providing preventive care services for Medicare beneficiaries. Learn more about Medicare-covered preventive services and reimbursement policies.

Medicare Wellness Visits

Learn more about Medicare Wellness Visits, including the Initial Preventive Physical Exam (aka “Welcome to Medicare” exam) and Annual Wellness Visits.

Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan Services

Find out about Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan Services

Medicare covers PAs and other eligible providers to perform a detailed cognitive assessment and care plan services if a cognitive impairment is detected at an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) or other routine visit.

Things to Know About the Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan Services

  • If your patient shows signs of cognitive impairment at an AWV or other routine visit, you may perform a more detailed cognitive assessment and develop a care plan.
  • The Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan Services (CPT® code 99483) typically start with a 50-minute face-to-face visit (in person or via telehealth) that includes a detailed history and patient exam, resulting in a written care plan
  • Medicare payment for these services is $282 (may be geographically adjusted)

Medicare Preventive Services

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