PAs Aim to Close the Care Gap in Rural Areas of Tennessee

After 20 years of practicing as a PA in rural medicine, Marie Patterson is focused on filling the gap in access to care while educating and inspiring the next generation of PAs. Speaking from first-hand experience, Patterson and PA student Molly Valentine discuss what fueled their decision to practice rural medicine and the benefits it offers PAs and the patients they serve.

AAPA, PA Foundation Awarded Grant to Improve Mental Health in Students

The American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA) announced today that the PA Foundation has received a grant from the RBC Foundation USA to launch the PArtnership to Improve Student Mental Health project, aimed at addressing trauma or mental health challenges students may experience in the classroom.

PA Martine Altieri Brings an Obesity Medicine Clinic to Her Cardiology Patients

When applying for a position in cardiology, PA Martine Altieri expressed interest in starting an obesity medicine clinic for cardiology patients. Now Altieri, who is also a co-host of the JAAPA podcast, is focused on building up this clinic, as well educating as many PAs as possible about obesity medicine and more.