Expert Insights on Barriers to Clinician Well-Being

During AAPA 2022 in Indianapolis, thought leaders across clinical professions came together for a day of learning and discussing best practices to improve the well-being of clinicians throughout their careers.
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A Research Community Built for Diverse Discoveries

The cornerstone of the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program is building a large group of participants who reflect the diversity of the country – and a diverse community of researchers. Through the program, PAs can access a robust data set and other research tools.
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New Data: PA Students Have Diverse Backgrounds, Life Experiences

In 2021, AAPA moved beyond asking students just about their gender, race, and ethnicity. The AAPA Student Survey included questions about PA students’ backgrounds to gain insights into the diversity of life experiences among new PAs joining the workforce.
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Study Examines Impact of Depression on PA Professional Fulfillment

A new study in JAAPA examines the relationship between depression, anxiety, and professional fulfillment in PAs. Pre-COVID, 6% of PAs met the criteria for depression and 13% for moderate to severe anxiety. One in three PAs reported levels of burnout.
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What Every PA Should Know About Mental Illness and Suicidal Ideation

In recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day, Sept. 10, we’d like to remind you that PAs are not immune to mental health issues nor suicidal ideations, attempts, or completions. Although there are barriers to seeking treatment, there are resources available to you.
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How COVID-19 Impacted PA Salaries

As part of the 2021 AAPA Salary Survey, now available in PDF format on, AAPA’s Research Department collected data to understand the impact of COVID not only on the PA workforce, but on compensation as well as practice changes.

Top 10 Paying Specialties in the PA Profession in 2020

The PA profession includes PAs who work in several dozen specialties, ranging from family or emergency medicine to pathology or hospital medicine. Compensation differs substantially between some specialties. Which individual specialties topped 2020 compensation for PAs? We have the data!