Fellow Membership

An AAPA Fellow Membership is our premier membership option! Fellow members can access all benefits and products, vote, and hold office.

PA JobSource Career Fair

Make a breakthrough and find your dream job here, or take your first crack at the PA job market. We’ve invited top employers from all over the country to this exclusive career fair.

Physician Membership

Learn more about physician membership. Physician members are licensed physicians who wish to associate with AAPA.

Associate Membership

Learn more about associate membership. Associate members are representatives of businesses that sell products or services to PAs or individuals employed by government agencies who do not qualify for any other membership category.

Affiliate Membership

Learn more about affiliate membership. Affiliate members are pre-PA students and other healthcare professionals who want to stay current with the PA profession.

Sustaining Membership

Home Sustaining Membership Membership – $100/year As a sustaining member, you have access to most of AAPA’s benefits and services. Sustaining members are PAs who graduated from a PA program accredited by ARC-PA (or a predecessor agency), but have chosen not to actively practice in the profession and opt to be classified as sustaining members. […]

Retired Membership

Home Retired Membership Membership – $75/year As a retired member, you have access to nearly all of AAPA’s benefits and services. Retired members are PAs who are former fellow members, have chosen to retire from practice, and opt to be classified as retired members. Retired members are entitled to privileges of the floor of the […]

Surviving Your Clinical Phase

During Clinical Rotations you will put your theoretical medical knowledge to the test in real-world clinical settings. Under the supervision of a preceptor, you will be placed on health teams in several different medical settings and specialties.