Creating a Safe Space to Discuss Obesity with Patients, Experts Speak

In a recent AAPA Huddle Ask Me session, two obesity medicine experts answered questions on how to provide high-quality care to patients struggling with obesity, the effectiveness of anti-obesity medication, and how best to support patients who qualify for bariatric surgery.

Substance Use Experts Give Advice on Handling Addiction Medicine

In an AAPA Huddle Ask Me session, two substance use disorder experts answered questions on how PAs can help with the rise of addiction, the recent DEA changes, and what resources are available to PAs to increase their knowledge and skillset to improve patient care.

How to Overcome Struggles in Family Medicine

In an AAPA Huddle Ask Me session, two experts with years of experience in family medicine answered questions on increasing the number of PAs in the field, the benefits of getting involved in the community, and how to negotiate for better conditions for PAs and their patients.

PAs and Leadership: Pathways and Compensation

Most PAs are either in leadership or interested in taking on a leadership role. This short infographic illustrates the training, challenges, available resources, and compensation benefits related to following the…

PAs and Leadership: Leadership Roles

40% of PAs work in leadership, but what they do day-to-day varies based on their role. For more information on the demographics of formal and informal PA leaders, check out…


A summary of PA roles and responsibilities related to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, including medical screening exams, certifying false labor, emergency department call, and transferring patients.