5 State Licensing Tips for PAs

You need to be licensed by the state you’ll practice in before you can begin seeing patients. Here are five key tips you need to get and stay licensed in your state and help the licensing process run as smoothly as possible.

PA Scope of Practice

State laws and regulations can greatly affect your scope of practice. AAPA provides several resources to understand how they may affect you.

PAs and Ionizing Radiation

Some state’s laws governing PA practice and its laws governing the use of ionizing radiation are in conflict with one another. AAPA has worked with several state chapters in recent years to clarify PAs’ ability to use ionizing radiation.

State Laws and Regulations

AAPA's comprehensive collection of state laws and regulations covers everything from licensing requirements to prescribing and includes all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

State Advocacy

We advocate for PA-positive laws and regulations in every state.