PAs for the Win: 2023 Advocacy Update

During PA Week, we’re reflecting on the progress PAs have achieved toward advancing our legislative agenda this year. AAPA is working hard to remove barriers to PA practice to ensure PAs are in the best possible position to improve patient access to high-quality care. So far this year, 20 states introduced PA-positive legislation, and legislators have taken notice!

PA Licensure Compact Bill Passes in Delaware 

 On June 21, Gov. John Carney signed S.B.116 into law, making Delaware the second state to join Utah in adopting the PA licensure compact. S.B.116 will strengthen access to medical services and enhance the portability of PA licensure while safeguarding the safety of patients and complementing the existing authority of state licensing boards. 

Oregon Governor Signs Bill Expanding PA Representation on State Medical Board

On July 18, 2023 Gov. Tina Kotek signed into law HB 2627, giving PAs in the state more opportunity to actively partake in efforts improving access to quality care in Oregon. AAPA joins the Oregon Society of Physician Assistants (OSPA) in thanking Representative Bobby Levy for her efforts in sponsoring the legislature and advocating on behalf of the PA profession.

Nevada Governor Signs Bill Giving PAs a Voice in Public Health

On June 9, Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo signed into law AB364, legislation that revises the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners to include PA representation on its 11-member board. The bill ensures PAs are part of conversations surrounding quality of public health and patient care in Nevada.