2020 Award Recipients

These prestigious awards honor PAs and medical providers who have served their patients, their communities, and the PA profession with great distinction.

2020 AAPA Annual Awards

AAPA Awards include Individual Excellence Awards, which individuals can apply for directly, along with the Eugene A. Stead Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award, for which one must be nominated.

2019 AAPA Award Recipients

These awards are the highest recognition bestowed on Academy members and were formally presented during the AAPA 2019 conference.

John Detro

Lt. Col. John Detro is a highly decorated Army PA and the recipient of the 2018 AAPA Military Service PA Award. He has spent his life serving his country and the PA profession, transforming medical training for the U.S. military and elevating PAs in the Army.

Kenneth D. Sherry

PA Ken Sherry, the 2018 AAPA/Physician Assistant Education Association Preceptor of the Year, has been a PA preceptor for more than 30 years, mentoring an estimated 250 students from nine different programs.

Carol Snyder

When the HIV/AIDS outbreak began in the 1980s, patients faced stigma and fear about the previously unknown disease. While many healthcare providers were fearful to treat these patients, PA Maggie Snyder, MHS, RN, boldly stepped up.